Jury Thriller 2019

Fred Castadot

Author and scriptwriter Fred Castodot has a degree in Art History and Cinematographic Analysis and Writing. This versatile writer (for music, cinema, television, comics… ) also teaches scriptwriting, film history and video art at the Agnès Varda school in Brussels since 2010 and scriptwriting at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the INSAS since 2017. His comic-strip script for “Du vent sous les pieds emporte mes pas” (Quadrants), drawn by Gaëtan Brynaert, was awarded with the Saint Michel de l’Avenir Prize for Best Debut in 2012. In 2015, after writing for several series and films, he directs his first film, PLEIN SOLEIL, which was selected to 80 international festivals and received 25 awards. That same year, he joins the writers team for the RTBF series ENNEMI PUBLIC, which receives a MIPdrama award and is distributed all over Europe (TF1, Sky Atlantic, …), Australia and in the United States (AMC-Sundance TV). In 2017 he writes the script for the science-fiction short FUGAZI, directed by Laurent Michelet. He’s recently involved in the development of GHOST STORY, a fantasy series for the RTBF. He’s the chairmen of ASA (Organization for Audiovisual Scriptwriters).


Alessandra D'Angelo_Jury Thriller_BIFFF2019

Alessandra d’Angelo

Ex-lawyer at the Brussels’ bar association, professor in law, judicial journalist, radio commentator, lecturer and author: Alessandra d’Angelo is a woman passionate about contemporary problems in society. Since 2010, as a dedicated humanist, she specializes in the problems of social exclusion in all its forms, with special attention to radicalization. Because every individual, no matter how far they stray from society, can change. She is the author of,  among others, CASE PRISON, UN JEU D’ECHEC, PRESUME COUPABLE and L’AFFAIRE LHERMITTE – CHRONIQUE D’UN DRAME ANNONCE.


Samuel Tilman

Samuel Tilman is an author, director and producer. As a director, he made two ambitious docu-fictions: the documentary series “Kongo” (2010) and “Le dernier Gaulois” (2015). In the realm of fiction, his short films “Voix de Garage” and “Nuit-Blanche” (Margritte 2011) were awarded with more than thirty awards worldwide. His first feature film, UNE PART D’OMBRE, is a psychological thriller that was awarded with the Prix Spécial of the Festival Policier de Baune 2018. On top of that, it has been sold to twelve countries and will be released in French cinemas in May 2019. As a producer, he worked among others on films by Joachim Lafosse, François Pirot, Vanja d’Alcantara and Olivier Meys. With his Eklektik Productions, in only one decade he produced more than forty films. As an author he co-wrote scripts, theater plays and radio shows with people like Fabrizio Rongione, Thomas Gunzig and Charlie Dupont. He worked on multiple theater plays and directed Les Margritte du cinéma for six years.



Dick Tomasovic_Jury Thriller_BIFFF2019

Dick Tomasovic

From a young age, Dick Tomasovic has been passionate about theater and literature. He dabbles in all genres, gets on stage, directs, writes, and publishes (including several award-winning crime novels). Hesitating between theater studies and journalism, he ends up as a researcher in the audiovisual arts. He directs a handful of short films and music videos, he’s fascinated by Hollywood’s film noir, writes a doctoral thesis on death in the animation film, and publishes a first essay on contemporary neo-noir cinema, which was praised by critics. He teaches at various universities and for a few years, he chairs the scientific committee at BiLA/Bibliothèque des Littératures d’Aventures, a center focused on genre fiction and popular culture.

These days, he’s a professor in ‘Theories and Practice in Cinema and Performing Arts’ at the University of Liège, where he presides the Media, Culture, and Communication department. He appears regularly as a cultural spokesperson on Belgian public radio and television.

He is the author of many articles on theater, dance, comic books, and of course cinema, including Le Palimpseste noir. Notes sur l’impétigo, la terreur et le cinéma américain contemporain (Yellow Now, 2002), Freaks, la monstrueuse parade de Tod Browning (Cefal, 2006), Le Corps en abîme. Sur la figurine et le cinéma d’animation (Rouge Profond, 2006), Kino-Tanz. L’art chorégraphique du cinéma (P.U.F, 2009), and SHOTS! Alcool & cinéma (Ed. du Caïd, 2015). At publishing house Les Nouvelles Impressions, he is co-editor of ‘La Fabrique des héros’, a collection of essays on important characters from popular culture, in which he’ll publish Batman, une légende urbaine in May of this year.