Jury International 2019

Q&A village - 18/04/2019 19:00

Steve Johnson – Chairman

Texan through and through, Steve Johnson grew up with the Universal monsters and the Hammer films. An education that intense in front of the small screen cannot but have consequences, and Steve Johnson was quickly spotted by Rick Baker. His first real work? Joe Dante’s THE HOWLING. His artistic talents for old-fashioned special effects would quickly turn him into the genius behind future classics. Slimer in GHOSTBUSTERS, that’s his brainchild. The alien in ABYSS too. Sil, the creature in SPECIES, bingo, still done by el maestro Johnson! The problem though with a dude this talented, is that if we were to include his entire filmography, it would fill the entire BIFFF catalogue. But still, we’d be sorry if we didn’t mention some of his collaborations, for example with John Carpenter (BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA), John Landis (INNOCENT BLOOD), Clive Barker (LORD OF ILLUSIONS), Steven Spielberg (WAR OF THE WORLDS), Guillermo del Toro (BLADE 2), Sam Raimi (SPIDERMAN 2), and M. Night Shyamalan (THE VILLAGE)!


Christian Alvart_Jury Inter_BIFFF2019

Christian Alvart

To all the bigot parents that censor every little television program, except for Sunday mass: here is your perfect counter example! Raised in the Christian backwaters of the Frankfurt suburbs, Christian Alvart has gladly surpassed all the boundaries that his strict family imposed on him and has become an expert in genre-bending film. Result? At 20, the gentleman directed ANTIBODIES and went around to world picking up awards! While Hollywood was looking with dismay at Moscow, Christian Alvart could be find working on CASE 39, a little gem of genre cult cinema, featuring Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper. With no time to waste, he directed none other than Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster in PANDORUM, with Paul W.S. Anderson (RESIDENT EVIL) in charge of the production. Not bad, eh? However, our talented director wasn’t seduced by a Faustian pact jeopardizing his artistic integrity and preferred to return to the homeland. He’ll bring CUT OFF to the BIFFF thriller competition, and partakes in our prestigious international jury!



Yoann Blanc_Jury Melies_BIFFF2019

Yoann Blanc

After graduating from the INSAS, Yoann Blanc decided to leave his native Haute-Savoie and set up shop in Brussels. It turned out to be a rather good move as he was nominated no less than three times for the “Prix de la Critique for his theater work. After that, Blanc quickly turned to cinema, with TORPEDO by his friend Matthieu Donck, JE ME TUE A LE DIRE by Xavier Seron and UNE PART D’OMBRE by Samuel Tilman. In 2017 he was awarded with a Magritte for most promising male actor for UN HOMME A LA MER. And he also played a leading part in the hit series THE BREAK, distributed worldwide and available on Netflix!

FILMO : DE LEUR VIVANT (2011) – L’HIVER DERNIER (2011) – TORPEDO (2012) – VANDAL (2013) – BADEN BADEN (2015) – UN HOMME A LA MER (2016) – JE ME TUE A LE DIRE (2016) – UNE PART D’OMBRE (2017) – FORTUNA (2018)

Hong-Jin Na_Jury Inter_BIFFF2019

Na Hong-jin

In 2008, the BIFFF team came across THE CHASER and, to be fair, there was quiet a panic: how could a self-proclaimed fantastic film festival program a thriller, even if it’s a masterpiece? The answer was simple: by creating a thriller competition… There you go, it’s because of the young prodigy Na Hong-jin that we now have this competition! His first film was certainly not due to beginner’s luck. With THE MURDERER (also known as THE YELLOW SEA) and THE WAILING, Na Hong-jin has seen it all: more than 60 awards and nominations worldwide, selections at Deauville and Cannes, standing ovations of over 10 minutes, being shortlisted by The New York Times as one of 20 directors to watch, an almost perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes for THE WAILING, and a certain Ridley Scott who is interested in the remake. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a triple A pedigree!



Darko Peric_Jury Inter_BIFFF2019

Darko Peric

Born in a “country that doesn’t exist anymore”, as he himself describes it, Darko Peric remembers his first contact with the stage. It was in the late Yugoslavia that a Cuban singer invited him on stage when he was merely 5 years old. As an indefatigable voyager in search of new experiences, Darko Peric travelled through the whole of Eastern Europe with theater plays and underground films before finally putting down his suitcase in Barcelona. Here his career got into higher gear, with the series MAR DEL PLASTICO and the feature A PERFECT DAY, in the company of Benicio del Toro and Tim Robbins. But Darko Peric would reach cruise control with another series, and a role that would make him a household name all over the world: he is Helsinki in MONEY HEIST!