Jury 7th Orbit 2019

Steve De Roover_Jury 7thOrbit_BIFFF2019

Steve de Roover

For more than seventeen years, Steve De Roover has been a movie critic for a wide array of written and online publications, including DVD Info, Moviegids, Moviepulp, Friday The 13th Films, Publicity Magazine, Hidden Horror, and Schokkend Nieuws. In 2013, he produced and directed the short vampire film UN HOMME BIEN, which garnered attention in the international film festival circuit and led to the founding of Skladanowsky with production partner Kevin Hoed. Under this edgy production company, Steve produced HAS#TAG (directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah), the multi-award winning SKAI BLUE (by Guido Verelst), the Silver Méliès-winning MUIL (by Jasper Vrancken) and the VAF and Wallimage supported DÉTOURS (by Christoper Yates), among others. His feature horror documentary FORGOTTEN SCARES: AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT FLEMISH HORROR CINEMA was the opener of the 2018 Haapsalu Horror and Fantasty Film Festival and has been picked up by various distributors. Steve just shot his segment Family Matters for the German horror anthology feature DEATHCEMBER and is currently working on the FORGOTTEN SCARES follow-up SURREALISTIC NIGHTMARES with SPIT’N’SPLIT’s Jérôme Vandewattyne as codirector. This second documentary will dig deeper into the Walloon horror legacy. Guillermo del Toro, himself a big fan of C’EST ARRIVÉ PRÈZ DE CHEZ VOUS, will be one of the many interviewees.



David Didelot_Jury 7thOrbit_BIFFF2019

David Didelot

Swimming through the mystical waters of fantasy cinema, jumping in the brooding pools of the video clubs and amply surrounded by mysterious creatures from a young age on, David DIDELOT created the fanzine Vidéotopsie at the end of his adolescence. Issue after issue, Vidéotopsie became an absolute reference in the small world of the French fanzine, so much so that it received anthology status. Reading it we could cheerfully bump into Jack the Ripper, the Gore collection, Bruno Mattei, the voluptuous belle donne of the Italian cinema, Joe D’Amato, Annie Belle, the shack of Amityville… To cover them all would take up far too much space, but you can find them all in this beautiful publication, from the most obscure local movie to the most expensive productions from across the Atlantic. In their pages, David chatted about his encounters, favorites, and disappointments. Along the way, Vidéotopsie received the DNA of its creator throughout its pages. This naturally brought to life Replay, his autobiography dedicated to the years with the fanzine and much more… A book that combines authenticity, passion, and honesty and that helps even better to capture this indispensable character of B culture. In fact, David Didelot didn’t restrict himself to Vidéotopsie… He authored two publications at Artus Films, one dedicated to the Gore collection and the other one to Bruno Mattei. These two books are proof of his erudition and of his deep connection with the subjects that he discusses. An erudition, full of passion and excitement, that he uses for bonus DVDs or Blu-rays, all of them as juicy as they are informative. These publications gave David DIDELOT a voice, a face and a long head of hair, as the “dude plus ultra” of the fanzine, a well of knowledge, as likeable as he is passionate.

Christophe Goffette_Jury 7thOrbit_BIFFF2019

Christophe Goffette

From his teenage years on, Christophe Goffette has been feeding on the multi-headed beast of genre cinema, rock and roots music in the broad sense of the term, comics and speculative fiction (preferably from the golden era of science fiction). He started his own fanzine at 14 (Cauchemars or nightmares, primarily involving fantastic and horror cinema), after which he got hold of his first freelance jobs at 15, gave the pseudo national education system the finger on his 16th birthday, before being assistant editor at 19, and editing and founding his proper first magazine at … 22! From then on, determined to share his different passions and to always be strictly independent, he has lead and/or written for different magazines about cinema (BRAZIL), music (Best, Crossroads…), and comic books (Fluide Glacial), while writing and directing more than twenty publications and producing, writing, and directing different cinema reportages, DVD bonuses and even a feature film, UCHRONIA, that is almost ready to see the light of day.

Damien Granger_Jury 7thOrbit_BIFFF2019

Damien Granger

As first editor-in-chief of Mad Movies magazine, the genre film reference in France, Damien Granger has participated in multiple shows for Canal + (Les Nouveaux Visages de l’Horreur, Un Eté à Hollywood) and the making-of for the film A L’INTÉRIEUR by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. Today, he’s part of the team of Boulevard du Cinéma, with shows on Youtube, and he’s just held a conference about B-Movies at the Médiathèque de Gérardmer for the 26th edition of the Festival Fantastic’Arts. As a big fan of B-Movies since his youth (his fanzine Sang…Sas, created when he was 13 years old, counts as proof), he’s decided to share his passion and collection with beautiful full-color books of 212 pages.