International Jury 2022

Abdelkrim Qissi

Abdelkrim Qissi, with his imposing stature, is best known to the general public as Jean-Claude Van Damme’s archenemy in blockbusters such THE QUEST and FULL CONTACT. He’s the older brother of Mohammed Quissi aka “Tong Po”. Abdelkrim is coming to the BIFFF to present his feature debut MOLOSS, which he co-directed with Abel Ernest Tembo and in which he also plays the lead.


Ryuhei Kitamura

Ryuhei Kitamura’s unique visual style has brought him international recognition as one of the entertainment industry’s top directors. His first feature film, VERSUS – an ultra-violent samurai zombie action film – propelled him to international fame with its hyper-kinetic storytelling. A slew of awards later, Kitamura followed up with ALIVE, AZUMI and ARAGAMI, which won the Silver Raven at the BIFFF in 2003. In 2008, Kitamura moved to Hollywood to first shoot THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, based on a novel by the legendary Clive Barker. This was followed by NO ONE LIVES with Luke Evans, DOWNRANGE and the horror anthology NIGHTMARE CINEMA with David Slade, Joe Dante, Mick Garris and Alejandro Brugues. He’s a familiar face in the BIFFF selections throughout the years and a true genius of bloody exploitation cinema. This year Kitamura is not only coming to present us the world premiere of his new film, THE PRICE WE PAY, with Emile Hirsch and Stephen Dorff, but he’s also joining our international jury! Let’s hope we don’t use the occasion to knight him!

Veronique Jadin

After she obtained a Master’s degree in Language and Literature, Véronique Jadin learned the ropes as an assistant director with, among others Edouard Molinaro and Jacques Doillon. Her first short film, EN FANFARE, was screened at some sixty festivals and received the Grand Prize of the Jury and the Best Actress Award for Tsilla Chelton at the Brussels Short Film Festival, as well as the prize for the best short film at the International Film Festival (FIFF) in Namur. Two other short films followed: COMME DES HÉROS and INGRID FAIT SON CINEMA. Fascinated by comedy, she made a documentary about Tsilla Chelton, ON EST LOIN D’AVOIR FINI!, which was awarded with the Ann Huybens Foundation prize. She’s a member of “Elles font des films” and also plays as a right-back defender for FC Churubamba.

Xavier Palud

Xavier Palud took his first steps in the film world in 1994, while participating in the shooting of UN INDIEN DANS LA VILLE with Thierry Lhermitte, as second assistant director. In 2006, Xavier Palud wrote and directed his first horror film with David Moreau, THEY. The film seduced some major Hollywood production companies. From then on, the two filmmakers moved to the United States to make a name for themselves. In 2007, after several aborted projects, Lionsgate and Tom Cruise’s production company, Cruise-Wagner Productions, asked the French duo to work on a remake of an Asian fantasy film called THE EYE, starring the sublime Jessica Alba. In 2012 he directed BLIND MAN, a high tension thriller starring Lambert Wilson and Jacques Gamblin.