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Mike Mendez

At the age of 10, this L.A. native started destroying his parents’ backyard to make Super 8 movies. In 1997, Killers, his first feature, was selected at Sundance. Three years later, he returned with The Convent, which he came to present at the BIFFF with his leading lady Adrienne Barbeau. Always up for cameos with friends, Mike popped up in Hatchet II, Terror Toons 3 and Chillerama, while applying his editing talents for Beavis and Butthead. In 2013, he delivered the cult gem Big Ass Spider! and co-directed a segment of Tales of Halloween. Mike returns to the BIFFF in 2016 to open the Night with Don’t Kill it, in which Dolph Lundgren hunts a demon who jumps from one body to the next. Since then, he has been acting for his friend James Wan while preparing his new project in between lockdowns. To break his routine, we asked him to be part of our international jury. It was of course, an offer he couldn’t refuse!

Alexandre O. Philippe

Alexandre O. Philippe is a Swiss producer, wri- ter and director. The Hitchcock fan has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Writing and directing award-winning short films and docu- mentaries (The People vs. George Lucas, Me- mory : The Origins of Alien or Doc of the Dead), Philippe is also a creative director, co-foun- der of Fried Comics, and occasional Ted Talk contributor. He’s mostly interested in exploring cinema as popular culture and transformative medium. His documentary 78/52, which took an in-depth look at the shower scene from Psycho, received overwhelmingly positive reviews after it premiered at Sundance in 2017. With Leap of faith: William Friedkin on the Exorcist, he once again delves into the nuances of filmmaking, this time in the form of a cinematic essay on the 1973 horror classic and the creative mind behind it.

Nabwana IGG

Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey is a jack off all trades: film producer, director, scriptwriter, cameraman, editor, as well as the founder of Ra- mon Film Production. RFP is a renowned studio in the Wakaliwood film industry: the new Hol- lywood of Kampala in Uganda which received a great deal of attention internationally in the past few years. Since 2005, Nawana I.G.G. has made over 44 films, all produced in his home in the slums of Wakaliga in Uganda. These ul- tra-low-budget movies come to life with as little as a couple hundred bucks, inventive handheld filmmaking and amateur martial artists. With Who Killed Captain Alex (an action-packed flick made with a budget of 85 dollars) and his latest feature Crazy World, Nabwana is well on his way to becoming Uganda’s Tarantino.

Milan Todorovic

Milan Todorovic made his entry on the internatio- nal film scene with ZONE OF THE DEAD (2009), a Serbian zombie movie that hit as hard as a sip of rakija. Five years later he came to Brussels with Franco Nero to present the world premiere of THE NYMPH at the BIFFF. And that was just the beginning for this talented filmmaker. Dean Devlin, producer of INDEPENDENCE DAY and GODZILLA, headhunted Milan to shoot ten epi- sodes of THE OUTPOST television sderies. In addition to collaborating with many other festival friends on the DEATHCEMBER horror anthology, he also found the time to set up a production company (Talking Wolf Productions), to which we particularly owe THE RIFT with the legendary Ken Foree!


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