I’m a Seoul Man 2

Korean Cultural Center logoSeung-wan Ryo decided to start his career in the movie business after watching the best of the Shaw brothers and Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master. He even went as far as saving his allowance money three years in a row just to buy his very first 8mm camera. Now, many years later, Seung-wan Ryoo has become one of South Korea’s top directors with movies like The Berlin File and Veteran. He’s the third most successful South Korean director of all time and the BIFFF is proud to welcome him at this year’s festival. In honor of his presence, you’ll l be able to take a peek at his more than productive career!

No Blood No Tears

  • No Blood No Tears PosterSatuday 2 April – Cine 3

  • Free

Bulldog, a former boxer, makes a living from organizing dog fights. Business is good, until his wife runs off with money. Women power supreme in this Tarantino-like action thriller.

Arahan PosterArahan

  • Sunday 3 April – Cine 3

  • Free

During an arrest, corrupt cop Sang-hwan is beaten up by Tao-master Jaun. This meeting will transform our (anti)hero into the terror of the tatami. A mix of Shaolin Soccer and Karate Kid, with a dash of The Matrix.

The Unjust

  • The Unjust PosterMonday 4 April – Cine 3

  • Free

The investigation into a serial killer hits a dead end when the only suspect meets an accidental death. Why not create a new suspect? Cop, prosecutor and culprit keep each other in a deadly stranglehold. Justice is nowhere in sight.