How to buy a ticket ?

Presales until the day before or the day of the screening at the ticket desk of the festival !

1. BIFFF website

= get your tickets to the festival

Advance order (available until the day before):

  1. Select MOVIES on the menu on the right.
  2. Select one or more movies that will be added to your cart.
  3. Pay your order.
  4. Show your order number at the Express cash-desk of the festival to get your tickets.

Your order is not sufficient. You have to get your ticket (to enter the screening theatre) at the Express cash-desk of the festival during business hours (see program) on the very day of the movie, not before.

You can not buy discount tickets on Internet.
You can not buy a Day/Night Pass on our website (only on Sherpa).
High Five Pass only available at the festival ticket desk.

2. Sherpa

= print your tickets (+0,50€ for administrative costs)

Advance orders and Day/Night Pass on Sherpa and at the Sherpa sale points.

If you want a discount ticket (job-seekers, students, disabled people, over 65s), you have to buy it at the cash-desk of the festival.

3. At the BIFFF

Tickets are available at the main cash-desk of the festival (Centre for Fine Arts) until 30 minutes before the screening. The entrance is at rue des Sols. The festival opens every day 30 minutes before the first movie.