Hong Kong is back

Hong Kong has been known for decades for its outstanding genre cinema and the BIFFF has always closely watched this movie hot spot This year, at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the HKETO (Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office) in Brussels, the BIFFF presents an exquisite selection of the most recent genre productions from this dynamic peninsula. And, as an extra cherry on the cake, the HKETO will attribute a special award to one of the winners from the international competition, the Hong Kong Office Golden Jubilee Award.

That Demon Within PosterThat Demon Within

  • Tuesday 14 April 10:30pm – Cine 1


The Midnight After PosterThe Midnight After

  • Thursday 16 April 10:30pm – Cine 1
  • Friday 17 April 2pm – Cine 2

The Taking of Tiger Mountain PosterThe Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D

  • Tuesday 7 April 9pm – Cine 2
  • Wednesday 15 April 2pm – Cine 2

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