Thomas Combret

After 8 years as a cheese-maker in the Ain region, Thomas Combret put an end to this career, driven by his desire to make films. To achieve this, he began training as an actor in Lyon. In 2015, he made his first short films, notably at the 48 hours film project. He quickly won numerous awards. At the same time, Thomas trained as a scriptwriter and worked on a number of web and TV formats. He was soon spotted by actor, director, screenwriter and comic strip author Davy Mourier. From 2018, they co-create and co-host the weekly YouTube show “Badnews”. Accustomed to low-budget productions that require know-how and resourcefulness, it was in 2022 that Thomas felt the need to make a feature film on his own. He asked Anaïs Cavé to help him write MOURIR OR NOT MOURIR.