Raul Cerezo

Raúl Cerezo is a Spanish director, screenwriter and co-producer. He is a leading figure in the Spanish short film industry. He has been a member of the jury of dozens of festivals and has collaborated in the creation of various events in the same field. He has collaborated with schools such as the CES (Spanish Film School), which itself co-founded the Short Film Academy, of which he was president. He is involved in the production of forty-four short films. Pioneer in online short film reviews and DVD editions of these formats, Cerezo is also co-founder and co-producer of the successful feature and short film distribution company YAQ. A loyal compañero of Fernando González Gómez, with whom he directed THE PASSENGER, which was already screened at the BIFFF. The last film of the duo left the festival audience with unforgettable memories of the best bullfighting scene in genre cinema with THE PASSENGER (2022). ELDERLY is his second feature film. Filmography: ‘The Passenger’ (2021), ‘El Semblante’ (2022, short film) and ‘8’ (2011, short film).