Lucas Pastor

He has already graced the BIFFF with his brilliant KILLING GOD (2017), in which a dwarf arrives in a house and decides to impersonate the Almighty Himself. Indeed, Caye Casas has a strong taste for blasphemy and dark humor. He made his mark with short films with metaphysical titles like NOTHING (2014) and RIP (2017). Already multi-awarded for his work (11 awards and three nominations in various competitions), he’s a true master of the short film that stains (in red…). He also released an anthology film ASYLUM: TWISTED HORROR AND FANTASY TALES (2020). This year he finally arrives in the flesh in Brussels with THE COFFEE TABLE. A visit that will very likely be pretty intense!
Filmography :
Killing God (2017), Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales (2020), The Coffee Table (2022)