Jérome Vandewattyne

Jérôme Vandewattyne has been a key player at BIFFF since 2011, when he premiered his mock commercial “She’s A Slut”.After directing his colorful short film “Slutterball” in 2012 and with a degree in communications and advertising in his pocket, he embarked upon numerous commercial projects. He worked as the RTBF’s audiovisual advertising commissioner for a while, and directed the series “What the Fake” (2014) there.Since 2017, he has focused on directing his first feature films: SPIT N SPLIT (2017) and THE BELGIAN WAVE (2023), which will be presented at this year’s BIFFF. His films showcase his ‘70s’ influences and colorful, psychedelic style. He devotes the rest of his time to his band “VHS From Space”, which will be performing at this year’s BIFFF. His newest film, SUMMER HIT MACHINE, will be released in 2024.