Isaac Ezban

Ah, Mexico! Between its legendary macabre folklore and its drug cartels that hang corpses by their feet from the top of highway bridges… Which is unsurprisingly a fertile ground for some genius creators of genre films. Isaac Ezban is one of them. A genius scriptwriter who wrote the stories of more than half of his films himself. He’s been bathing in sci-fi and horror movies ever since he grew a stache (which, according to legend, appeared when he was around the age of 7 years and a half). He is such a fanatic that he owns his own drive-in movie theater in Mexico City, something even Tarantino can’t claim. His films THE INCIDENT and PARALLEL, which Christopher Nolan would certainly not disapprove of, moved the crowds at BIFFF in 2015 and 2018. So it’s safe to say Señor Isaac Ezban is a household director at the BIFFF!
Filmography: The Incident (2014), The Similars (2015), Parallel (2018), Evil Eye (2022).