Emma Nzila Balimaka

At 9, Emma was already deep into astrology and the occult, thanks to her black sheep spooky aunt in a strictly Catholic, African family. Moving to the US, she navigated strict evangelical views, yet her curiosity in the mystical only grew stronger. This journey led her back to her roots after exploring ceremonial, Solomonic and even Enochian magick which led her to discovering her connection to Quimbanda and her ancestral name, Nzila. Now, Emma’s the face behind Get Off My Broom, blending podcasting with a Mercurial Magickal Apothecary, alongside being the founder of Sanza Cycle, a femtech venture leveraging menstrual cycles for women in the workplace. Always exploring, Emma balances spirituality with her digital consultancy (one foot above and one foot below), ensuring her ventures reflect her authentic self, all while reconnecting deeper into her spiritual ancestry.