Frontières 2014


Following two highly successful editions of the Frontières at the Fantasia International Film Festival, the international co-production market is now expanding its physical reach to Europe, to hold its third edition at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, from April 10 to 12, 2014. Frontières is the first and only co-production market to connect North America with Europe in an environment focused specifically on genre film production.

A great increase of European projects was seen for its third call for submissions. The film project selection includes 12 Frontières projects, hailing from Canada, the United-States, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland and Finland, as well as 11 Off-Frontières projects from Canada, Great-Britain, Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Serbia.

The projects to be presented in the market feature established and up-and-coming talents of the genre film world, such as AJ Annila (Sauna), Robin Aubert (Crying Out), Anders Banke (Frostbitten), Justin Benson & Aaron Moorehead (Resolution), Renaud Gauthier (Discopath), Craig Goodwill (Patchtown), Borys Lankosz (The Reverse), Vincent Lannoo (In the Name of the Son), Nicolas Alberny & Jean Mach (8th Wonderland), Lluis Quilez (Out of the Dark), Antonio Tublén (Original), Elbert van Strien (Two Eyes Staring) and Martin Villeneuve (Mars & Avril), along with notable producers.

The complete programming of the 3rd edition of the Frontières International Co-Production Market consists of the following film projects:

Frontières Projects :

  • Les Affamés (Quebec) Dir. Robin Aubert / Prod. Stéphanie Morissette
  • Aquarica (Quebec) Dir. Martin Villeneuve
  • Chloe and Attie (Canada) Dir. Scooter Corkle / Prod. Daniel Domachowski
  • The Chosen Child (Canada-USA) Dir. Borys Lankosz / Prod. Adrian Salpeter
  • Dedalo (Portugal) Dir. Jerónimo Rocha / Prod. Frederico Serra
  • Don’t come after me (Finland) Dir. AJ Annila / Prod. Gudrun Giddings
  • Echos (France) Dir. Marc-Henri Boulier / Prod. Anaïs Bertrand
  • Marionette (Netherlands) Dir. Elbert van Strien / Prod. Claudia Brandt
  • Rabbits (Belgium) Dir. Jean-Julien Collette & Olivier Tollet / Prod. Stéphanie Pages, Fabrice Preel-Cleach & Anthony Rey
  • Robin Hood Vs Zombies (Belgium) Dir. Vincent Lannoo
  • Sadie (Canada-USA) Dir. Craig Goodwill
  • Sea Fever (Ireland) Dir. Neasa Hardiman / Prod. Brendan McCarthy & John McDonnell

Off-Frontières Projects :

  • 9th World (France) Dir. Nicolas Alberny & Jean Mach
  • Bao (Belgium) Dir. Maxime Pasque / Prod. John Engel
  • Beasts (UK) Dir. Justin Benson & Aaron Moorehead / Prod. Pamela Hansson
  • Freaking (France) Dir. Julia Ducournau / Prod. Jean des Forêts
  • Girls with balls (France) Dir. Jean-Luc Cano & Olivier Alfonso / Prod. Jean-Marie Antonini
  • Impure (Spain) Dir. Lluis Quilez / Prod. Miguel A. Faura
  • Oro (Denmark-Sweden) Dir. Antonio Tublén / Prod. Alexander Brøndsted
  • Pierrot (Quebec) Dir. Renaud Gauthier / Prod. Marie-Claire Lalonde
  • Private Number (Serbia) Dir. Vladimir Mancic / Prod. Nikola Pantelic
  • Warg (Canada-Sweden) Dir. Anders Banke / Prod. Paula Devonshire & Magnus Paulsson

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