Fantastikids – Battledream Chronicle

  • Movie (French spoken !) Sunday 10 April 4:30pm – Cine 2

  • Age 8+

Battle Dream Chronicle PosterTo end the Easter Holidays in style, the BIFFF has a movie for the entire family in store. The Kid’s Afternoon is a festival event for the youngest among us. This year we’re presenting the French spoken animation movie Battledream Chronicle, a moving tale about oppression and the desire for freedom in a futuristic universe where the virtual world is as dangerous as the real one.

It’s the ideal occasion for kids and parents to spend some quality time in front of the big screen, to discover (or rediscover) fantastic film and to become aware of the importance to stand up against oppression.

At the end of the movie, every child will receive a goodie bag full of surprises. Game boards will be available on tables to allow the children to play before and after the movie.

This event is offered to you by the BIFFF, in collaboration with “La ligue des Familles“, OUFTiVi and Vivacité. Our thanks to Bioviva, Lactel, Playmais and Generous.

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