Expo – Jacques Lélut

The Art of Fantastic Recycling

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, at one of the very first BIFFF editions, I presented a couple of life-size characters for the release of David Lynch’s ‘Dune’. Those were my first steps in Belgium… Later followed by: “Trésors d’Etoile” and “Odyssée Jodorowsky”.


It’s not without a little emotional tremor in my voice and with great pride that I’ve accepted the invitation to exhibit a large part of my existing work during this anniversary edition of the BIFFF!

For those that are not familiar with my work:

I was born on the first of April 1947 in Saint-Malo and I started my career on stage at an early age (ORTF, Centre d’art dramatique de St-Etienne, Festival d’Avignon…). But I simultaneously embarked on a very personal adventure of creating extraordinary and new imaginary worlds, inspired by cosmic and science-fiction universes. Since 1978, these have taken on the form of more than 200 travelling exhibitions, for which I ensured the scenography myself, in close collaboration with my joyful accomplices. We added lights, legends and music in order to transport ourselves to a different dimension and make the audience question its place in our Universe… A very diverse list of locations has accepted my exhibitions; 7 wagons of the Galaxy Train spread across various Paris train stations, two houseboats at the Pont de la Concorde, tent poles, factories, theaters…


In between exhibitions, I like to direct huge interactive spectacles in outdoor spaces that mix all artistic disciplines, special effects and gigantic images. There’s always a touch of fantasy to them, which forcefully and poetically denounces the follies of men and depicts our hopes for the future… For over 40 years I’ve been using recycled elements or materials that are used in a different way than what they were designed for.


Today, more than ever, I put my energy as a plastic artist in the creation of imaginary, dreamlike worlds that deal with space travel and the preservation of our planet, which often sparks quite a lot of emotions…


Good luck on your interstellar trip…”


Jacques Lélut