Masterclass Fabio Frizzi

12/04 – 5.30pm – Q&A stage

His face may not ring a bell, but his musical talent will probably sound familiar to you as Fabio Frizzi has had a profound impact on the fantastic film industry. Driven by his passion for genre films, he has collaborated with some of the most (in)famous Italian directors of the golden era, including Lucio Fulci, for whom he has created several iconic scores for some of his biggest cult films. Among his most notable soundtracks figure THE BEYOND, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, ZOMBI 2 and SEVEN NOTES ON BLACK. In this masterclass, Fabio Frizzi will delve deeper into his soundtracks, his relationship with the Italian horror and giallo maestro’s, and, if you behave, he might even throw in an anecdote or two about a certain Quentin T, a giant movie buff/director and a great fan of gialli in general and of Fulci in particular. He borrowed one of Frizzi’s tunes, stemming from the SEVEN NOTES ON BLACK score, to include in KILL BILL: VOL 1.