Exhibitions 2024

Manu Gomez

A self-taught filmmaker, Manu Gomez switched from drawing, painting and sculpture to animation because he wanted to work with the moving image. From his work in the second and third dimensions, he arrived at the fourth, that of movement and time. After that, the need to work with real characters developed naturally. Manu’s approach has always remained essentially artistic and visual, based as it is on experimentation with images in all their forms. He has made some thirty animated and fiction shorts, as well as two feature-length films. He exhibits regularly in Belgium and abroad.



Momo is a Japanese artist who, before moving to Osaka, was, for a time, based in Brussels. Through her painting, she wants to present the art of calligraphy, which is part of Japanese culture, to the world. Using a Japanese brush, she draws Japanese landscapes that are based on anime and Japanese culture. She has taken part in several Japanese events in France, Belgium and the Netherlands (e.g. Japan expo Paris, Paris manga, and Facts Gent). She has also organized Japanese calligraphy workshops in Belgium, and won 1st Prize in the BIFFF International Art Contest in 2023. Momo wants people who see her paintings to feel the nostalgia and beauty of Japan.


Nicolas mahieu

“Light, contrast, chiaroscuro and stained glass have always fascinated me. Last year, I decided to work on cinema, and every one of my graphic interpretations reveals itself gradually from my artistic reflection. I create a folder of royalty-free images based on certain keywords (color, object, shape, etc.) and play with the colors by mixing in images, textures, light, clipping masks and Photoshop fusion effects. Every project will turn out different, but I always aim for an image that makes a mark through color, light, chiaroscuro, and various textures.”


Trolls & bestioles

This year, the Trolls & Bestioles (Trolls and Critters) exhibition returns for its 15th edition, which will be held exceptionally at the BIFFF! From April 9 to 21, come and discover the whimsical works of numerous Belgian and international artists, and enter a unique universe populated by extraordinary critters. More info on www.fantastic-museum.be Free admission Group exhibition Trolls & Bestioles At the BIFFF / Palais 10 at Heysel / From April 9 to 21


Presentation of my “Métaphores Sculpturales”… sculptures based on recycled objects. Do everyday objects have a life after death? As a reaction to our “throw everything away” era, and the fruit of my relentless hobby, my salvage-based technique gives new life to everyday objects. These utensils are assembled to create new shapes, abstract or figurative, bas-relief paintings or three-dimensional pieces. What sets me apart from the “salvaged” creations of other artists is the application of a personal texture, patiently perfected, like an alchemist, in the secrecy of my “lab/workshop”. A coating that skillfully combines the various materials used, giving each sculpture its own existence, independent of the multitude of elements that make it up. Concerned about respecting the environment, I quickly abandoned the use of toxic products such as polyurethanes and spray paints, using only water-based materials and natural substances. I’m constantly experimenting with new coatings and colors which, while being kind to my lungs, those of my neighbors and the health of the planet, also guarantee optimum durability for my work. Many of you often ask me how I create what I call my “Sculptural Metaphors”. Come to the BIFFF and find out! In the meantime, you can discover photos of my various works in the “Métaphores Sculpturales” album on my Facebook page “Patryck de Froidmont”, or on the website: www.defroidmont.com