European Short Films Jury

Gilles Réunis

After working for 5 years as marketing manager at the Cinéart movie distribution company, Gilles Reunis now is head of acquisitions at Betv-VOO and is in charge of broadcasting, selecting and buying feature films, movies made for TV and short films for PayTV and VOD. He’s also in charge of coproducing Belgian full length and short films.

François Stassens

François Stassens is the head of the SABAM’s audiovisual department. His mission is to be the go-to person between the SABAM and the French-speaking members of the audiovisual business.
His main role is to be present on the field, handle communication, operating files as well as the requests for sponsorship in the audiovisual business. He’s also very active at the Pro Spere federation, which is consisted of many authors’ associations specialized in audiovisual, as well at the movie department’s Consultation Committee of the Wallonia- Brussels Federation.

Bénédicte Bourgois

Since 2006 she’s been the head of the RTBF’s Short Films Acquisitions and TV shows, especially with La Trois Channel’s “Tout Court”.When the RTBF started coproducing Belgian short films, back in 2009, she also became a member of the selection committee for the pending scripts. For several years now, she’s been working with the editing short film committee at the WEBKey of the Centre of Wallonia Brussels imagery promotion tool which aims at putting our directors’ works on the big screens of foreign markets and festivals.

Nathalie Lebel

Studied literature and cinema at the University of Paris VIII. Since 2006, head of Sales and Acquisitions at the short films Agency, Broadcast service: “I’ve had the pleasure of discovering many short films masterpieces, all by working in collaboration with producers, directors and buyers to put forward and valorize a thousands short films filled catalog made for all types of broadcasters around the world.”

Ghökan Kulak

Gökhan’s early fascination with movies was encouraged by his father, who took him to Sunday Matinées, where he saw his first sword-and- sandal film as well as lots of martial arts movies. He was performing as an extra in several short films and TV series. Gökhan is responsible for the selection of the short films for the Fantasy Film Fest which takes place in the late summer in several cities in Germany.