European Short Films – Competition


a film by Vicente Bonet
Cast: Nikita Yashchuk, Sofia Feord
Screenplay: Abdon Alcaniz
Editing: Vicente Bonet
Music: Francis Hernandez & Pablo Cebrian
D.O.P.: Guillem Oliver
SFX: Onirikal s.l.
Version: Rus. & Spa. O.V., Fre. st
20 16 / 23 min. / Spain

Due to a technical failure, the first cosmonaut in space can not return to Earth. And then he hears an unknown voice on the intercom.

Dawn of the deaf

a film by Rob Savage
Cast: Caroline Ward, Stephen Collins
Screenplay: Rob Savage
Music: Patrick Jonsson
Version: British Sign O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 12 min. / U.K.

When a strange sound eradicates the hearing, the deaf must band together in order to survive.

Bon Appétit

a film by Erenik Beqiri
Cast: Arben Bajraktaraj, Romir Zalla, Ema Andrea, Elvin Minaj
Screenplay: Erenik Beqiri
Music: Moby & Rael Hoxha
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 18 min. / Albania

A man enters an abandoned building. A waiter welcomes him to a special and very exclusive dinner.

Siyah Cember (Black Ring)

a film by Hasan Can Dagli
Cast: Turgay Dogan, Dounia Jauneaud, Sait Erol, Yuce Eser
Screenplay: Hasan Can Dagli, Turgay Dogan & Cem Ozuduru
Music: David Kiledjian
Version: No dialogue, Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. / Turkey

A mysterious encounter in an abandoned house.

When demons die

a film by Daniel Ruebesam
Cast: Jonathan Ohlrogge, Crispian Belfrage
Screenplay: Daniel Ruebesam
Music: Jasmin Reuter
Version: Eng. O.V.
2016 / 18 min. / Germany

An 8-year old boy has never set foot outside his house, because dangerous creatures are preying on him.

The Belgian short, winner the day before…

Drip Drop

a film by Jonna Nilsson
Cast: Siham Shurafa
Screenplay: Fredrik Myrtell
Music: Benny Persson
D.O.P.: Joachim Heden
SFX: Truls Berlin
Version: Eng. O.V.
2016 / 8 min. / Sweden

No more water in the house. And then it comes out of the tap again… but in a different shape!


a film by Jules Janaud & Fabrice Le Nézet
Cast: Mbissine Thérèse Diop, Issaka Sawadogo, Bass Dhem, Lazare Minoungou, Ibrahim Darboe, Joahkim Sigué, Ablaye Bathily
Screenplay: Jules Janaud & Fabrice Le Nézet
Editing: Jules Janaud & Fabrice Le Nézet
Music: Raphaël Martinez Bachel
D.O.P.: Xavier Dolléans
Version: Wollot O.V., Fre. st
2017 / 17 min. / France

Jawak lives together with a strange animal of which he takes good care. He prepares his vengeance.