Emerging Raven Jury

Sophie Breyer

A native of Liège, Sophie Breyer has acted in television series (La trêve, Laetitia, Baraki), shorts and feature films (La Ruche, Pauline Grandeur Nature). She won the Magritte award for Best Most Promissing Actress for La Ruche. This acting work gradually led her to discover other aspects of filmmaking. In 2023, she co-directed Irréprochables, a short docu-drama, with Flore Mercier and Angèle Bardoux.

Anaël Snoek

Anaël Snoek, the new face of Belgian entertainment, has made a name for herself by juggling languages as well as roles. Her roles as antagonistic characters in the BARAKI series (2021-2023) and as protagonists in LES GARÇON SAUVAGES (2017) have earned her international recognition. His nomination in 2019 for a Magritte du Cinéma (another Belgian apple-loving sensation) and his 2006 winner of the Prix de la Critique Théâtrale, added a touch of prestige to her career. In a world where actors are often categorized, Anaël Snoek defies convention with a casual aplomb.

Igor Van Dessel

Igor Von Dessel is a Belgian actor and voice actor. Inspired by his siblings, who are also actors, Igor began his career by dubbing as Pinnochio, in Enzo d’Alo’s eponymous film in 2012. In 2016, he ventured into the world of cinema, starring in dramas such as LE VOYAGE DE FANNY and L’ÉCHANGE DES PRINCESSES (2019), for which he received a Best Actor award at the Waterloo Film Festival. One of his biggest projects to date, CLOSE, by Belgian director Lukas Dhont, further highlighted Igor’s potential. His most recent project, A GOOD BOY, was released in 2024 and has already been nominated for several awards. Igor is still in the early stages of his career, as he plans to take on other roles in the film world, such as production, or even become a director himself.