Emerging Raven Jury

Salomé Dewaels

Young Belgian actress Salomé Dewaels is only just squeaking in, but her career already had a great start. When she saw her sisters perform at theater workshops at the age of 8, she also got infected by the acting virus. She’s best known for her roles in Xavier Giannoli’s ILLUSIONS PERDUES and in the mini TV-series L’ABSENTE.

Grégory Beghin

Grégory Beghin is a Belgian director, screenwriter and actor. He became known for creating the award-winning web series BURKLAND. In 2020, he presented his first feature film LOSERS REVOLUTION, which he co-directed with Belgian director/actor Thomas Ancora. This was followed last year by DEEP FEAR, a horror film about students in 1980s Paris who are pursued in the catacombs by a cannibalistic Nazi.

Judith Beauvallet

Judith Beauvallet graduated from the Ecole de la Cité in 2016, where she studied directing. Since then, she has been making short films with the goal of one day making horror films. In January 2020, she launched the YouTube channel DEMOISELLES D’HORREUR, with analyses of female characters in horror films and interviews with actresses and female directors of genre films. She is currently working on fiction and documentary projects. In January 2023, she also began working as a film reporter for Ecran Large.