Critic's Jury

Nicolas Schaack

Nicolas, member of the UCC/UFK (film critics’ union) and a lifelong cinephile, has distinguished himself as a youth juror at the 1992 Brussels Festival. After that, he launched the film magazine “Le Fou du 7ème Art” . Fascinated by the possibilities of hypertext links, he became a pioneer of online cinema publishing in Belgium in 1995, first through newsgroups and then with the “Crazyworld” and “La Rétine du Web” sites, which became “”. In the early years of this century, Nicolas was involved in our former festival website, “”. His website boasts 22,000 films, 53,000 film professionals, 2,000 trailers and hundreds of reviews, covering worldwide festival news, and new releases from streaming platforms. It attracted nearly 5 million visitors in 2023, with over 250,000 unique visitors in February.

Jérémy Carré

Jeremy Carré fell in love with genre cinema when he was too young, watching The Fly 2 (don’t judge his taste). From mainstream works to the most confidential weirdness, he loves all types of cinema and loves to show off at dinner parties by pulling out fun facts about behind-the-scenes movies. After studying journalism at IHECS, he joined RTBF in 2015, where he worked on the Tellement Ciné program. In 2019, he will take part in the launch of Tipik with the Culture Club program. He conducts interviews with artists from all walks of life and creates the “On te raconte” format, which revisits pop cultural monuments (with an episode about the history of the BIFFF). In 2022, he joined the Union de la presse cinématographique belge (UPCB) and, since 2023, has offered a fortnightly column on animation on La Première.

Ann Lauryssens

Ann Lauryssens began her career as a journalist in 2001, becoming editor-in-chief of a fortnightly magazine, where she was responsible for photos and general interest features. Her passion for cinema led her to turn to criticism, which she still does today for the BeyondGaming entertainment platform, as well as for her own channels. Photography is also an essential part of her life. She immerses herself in the art of visual storytelling through book and photo projects.