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The jury

François Sabeau

François has a degree in public relations at the UCL and nowadays he’s both a teacher and a happy editor for the website that primarily aims to highlight all those who are involved with the 7th Art. He’s been a member of the Belgian Union of Film Critics (UCC-UFK) since 2018. As a huge film aficionado he has covered multiple Belgian and French festivals, always with indestructible curiosity and a desire to dive into rich and di- verse cinematic universes.

Inge Coolsaet

Inge studied history in Ghent, Fellini in Pisa and Italian neorealism in Antwerp. She’s a freelance film critic and translator, and has worked as a communications officer for the Royal Film Archive of Belgium. She writes for several international publications such as Point of View Magazine, Photogenie, Talking Shorts, and Film Daze. She is a member of FIPRESCI and the Belgian Film Critics Association (UPCB – UBFB) and was part of Berlinale Talents 2021.

Kamal Messaoudi

Member of UPCB as well as cinema and fantasy worlds aficionado, Kamal is co-creator of a web series revolving around geek culture (www.Zo- He contributed to creating and developing audio-visual contents, digital and trans- media, at R/O Institute notably (, spreading the good word of geek culture! Public and conference speaker, he enjoys sharing his passion with peers and students alike. Consultant and chronicler on various media (web, tv, radio), Kamal always has crazy anecdotes about Mario Bros, Marty Mcfly, Yoda or Dungeons and Dragons… Armed with interdisciplinary skills, he joined social media projects within companies such as Facebook or Microsoft in Dublin: in short, a insanely passionate spokesperson for the culture of imagination in Belgium in the true spirit of 80s retro-geek!


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