Courts mais Trash

Friday 17 April – 0:30 – Cine 2 – 7,50€

Courts-mais-TrashWith all the newest technologies and the fact that cameras are becoming cheaper and cheaper, it is getting easier to make movies without a big budget and crew. Thanks to these developments, we are getting more and more small but interesting work produced that deserves more than a few clicks on the internet. Ten years ago, Courts Mais Trash was created to put these films in theatres and on the big screen. We thought it would be great to show our audience the work these guys have been doing for the last couple of years.

To go against the classic way of producing a movie is one thing; to get the movies into theatres is quite another. Self production is maybe easy to make, but not easy to distribute. The internet is a handy tool to get those first clicks and to build an audience. But the internet is often too big for a small movie and it gets lost in an endless sea of information. It’s always more rewarding for a director to see his film on a big screen in a real theatre.

That is the goal of Courts mais Trash. The trash doesn’t only stand for gore movies but for a kind of movie that is radical, alternative, different, politic or cheap …
They experiment with documentaries, animation and video clips. A movie doesn’t need to be dripping with blood to be shown. It just needs to be made outside the classic way of producing.

  • Kut Buitenlanders from outer space ! by Edward J. Mulder & Armand Pigss – Belgium – 19’50 – 2013 – Dirty Rônin Productions
    The first science-fiction movie from Wallonia!
  • Infernal Nun by Roland Petrizza – Germany – 2’25 – 2013
    The trailer of a film that’ll never be released and that’s a damn shame!
  • Ninja Eliminator 4 The French Connection by Mathieu Bethon – France – 8’11 – 2014 – MB Productions
    Trailer about Concorde
  • Poste à pourvoir 1&2 by Alliouch Conchin – Belgium – 2’01 – 2013 – La Cambre
    In search of new professions…
  • Fly by Mike Roush – U.S.A. – 38”- 2014
    Life and death in 38 seconds…
  • Banana Motherfucker by Pedro Florencio & Fernando Alle – 15’40 – Portugal – 2011
    Attack of the bloodthirsty bananas !
  • L’accouchement de Wendy by Dewis Eizykman – 3’20 – France – 2008 – Prométhée productions & Broken
    A few months after her marriage to Peter Pan, Wendy gives birth to her first baby.
  • The Life of Sam by Raphaël Kolacz & Olivier Prémel – 4’14” – Belgium – 2009
    Your birth movie of the evening!
  • Closed by Wilde Rudy – 5’56 – France- 2013 – Cyrus Productions
    The toilets seem to be angry about something!
  • Q.G. – Bomb disaster by Pierre Teulières – 9’58 – France – 2011
    A simple story with a powerful psychedelic effect.
  • Gun Shy by Sam Goetz – 2’46” – U.S.A. – 2014
  • Peine de Mort by Julien de Volte – 11’26” – France – 2014 – Insolence productions
    Vengeance is a dish best served cold
  • Dans la joie et la bonne humeur by Jeanne Boukraa – 5’51 – Belgium – 2014 – La cambre
    a rejuvenation remedy
  • M is for menstruation by Oliver Tietgen – 1’41 – Germany – 2013
    Get in touch again with your femininity!
  • Faim de mort 3 by François Yagopian – France – 10′ – 2014
    You’ll never look at a corkscrewer in the same way after having seen this film.
  • Rester mince grâce à bébé by Fabien Rennet – France – 4’22
    Found footage and babies.
  • Bricolons avec Madame Coucoune by Mathieu St-Onge – 3’42 – Canada – 2012
    Do it yourself 100% Canadian style
  • Sun-a by Vincent Richard – 54’” – France – 2010
    A breath of fresh air…