Black Raven Jury

Anne Gruwez

Fans of the cult TV show STRIP-TEASE will undoubtedly recognize her. Anne Gruwez is the investigating judge from the documentary NI JUGE NI SOUMISE. Her totem with the Scouts was “Squirrel in Wonderland.” Known for both her humanity and her boldness, she made her mark on the small screen with heartfelt punchlines to her sometimes irreverent “clients.” Her “performance” impressed audiences so much that she received an award for Best Actress at the San Sebastian Film Festival. In fact, the jury had mistaken NI JUGE NI SOUMISE for a fiction film and thus Anne Gruwez for an actress. Her award was eventually changed into an honorable mention. Ironically, she is now a member of our Black Raven.

Christopher Yates

Christopher Yates is a director, writer and editor. He made his first documentary in 2009 with NOT HERE, a road movie about the rock band Girls in Hawaii. He then co-directed REVEKA, a documentary about the Potosí mines in Bolivia. Christopher’s also co-creator and co-screenwriter of 26 episodes of the Belgian hit series ENNEMI PUBLIC. In 2019, he directs the short action film DETOURS. During the pandemic, he collaborated on the collective film LE SOUFLE COURT, about healthcare workers trying to stay afloat in the covid-storm. He is currently writing the script for his feature film debut.

Stéphane Bissot

As a child of a soccer-playing father and an illustrator as a mother, to whom we owe the Milka bunny, Stéphane Bissot decided to become an actress after dancing to Swan Lake in her living room. Today she is a familiar face in Belgian cinema, with more than thirty films, fifteen television series and ten plays to her credit. She is “belgianness” personified in MELTING POT CAFE, the popular series of the RTBF, and she showcased her talent in films with Joachim Lafosse, Gérard Depardieu, the Dardenne brothers, Valérie Lemercier and Sophie Marceau.