Black Raven Jury

Adeline Dieudonné

Adeline Dieudonné is a Belgian author. Her first short story, Amarula, published in the collection Pousse-café in 2017, won the Grand Prix du concours de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. The same year, she wrote and performed the one-woman show Bonobo Moussaka. In 2018, she published a phenomenally successful first novel, La Vraie Vie, which won numerous awards and was translated into 21 languages.
Her literary successes continue with Kerozene in 2021 and Reste in 2023, also published by L’Iconoclaste.

Clarence Pitz

After a bold change of career, Clarence Pitz, a Brussels-based writer, found her true calling in writing thriller novels. Originally starting her career in the criminal records office of Brussels she then switched to a job as a professor in Anthropology and Art History, whilst practicing art as a hobby. Both of these jobs are vital for mixing fiction, thriller and culture into each of her books. Her writing has earned her awards for each of her novels, starting with “La parole du Chacal”, which won the VSD best thriller prize in 2018. Her other novels are told through the experiences of the Investigator Karel Jacobs, who looks into heart wrenching cases that often mirror the European capital´s mysteries with other cities in the world. For her it is important to highlight the diversity of Brussels, as well as its history and diasporic communities.

Anne-Lise Morin

Anne-Lise Morin began her career in 2017, directing the short film CE QUI DEMEURE, about family and illness. In 2021, she collaborated with Fien Troch as co-screenwriter on the feature film HOLLY. In this film, she continued her exploration of family ties that are disrupted by the unknown and illness. She also co-wrote the series COYOTES, released the same year. Her screenplays explore the depths of the human soul, offering stories rich in nuance and emotion. Her latest film, CHEZ ALI, was screened earlier this year at the Courts Mais Trash festival. She’s coming to the BIFFF for the first time, and her sharp observational skills as a screenwriter will help the jury spot the best of our Black Raven selection.