BIFFF Appli Film ENBIFFF Movie Guide

Reach easily all the information about the films of the festival from your smartphone

  • Browse the program
  • List all the films or filter them by genre
  • Look for a film by title or director
  • Check all the details about a film, including its gallery and soundtrack
  • Manage your favorites list
  • Share all the details about a film with your friends through the social media or by using Android Beam
  • Add a screening directly in your smartphone agenda
  • Available in English, French and Dutch
  • Once the data are downloaded, they remain available from your smartphone even without internet connection


Bifff.Club is designed to optimize the experience of all Bifff
fanatics out there! Come to, mark all the shows you
will see, share your list with your friends, see theirs and discuss
each movie. Keep track of the transition times between the shows so
you know exactly how many minutes you have for your {bathroom, coffee,
beer, boudin} break.