With that frightening feeling of being crushed between a slice of third wave and a cut of American civil war, the BIFFF knows that the edition 2021 will be like no other.

Well, let’s make it one for the history books then and go all the way by returning to our roots and presenting you with a collector’s edition” the mythical Passage 44!

By combining the charm of the old with the glamour of the new, this 39th edition will transport you through a parallel dimension, where your right eye will focus on the nostalgia of the very first editions, while your left eye will feast on incredible premieres!

But we won’t say anything more for the moment. We like to keep it mysterious at the BIFFF.

For now, just enjoy the wonderful 2021 poster, designed by Charel Cambré (The New Adventures of Spike and Suzy, Amoras), which will undoubtedly feed some conspiracy theories with its eye-catching subliminal pro-vaccination message. Welcoooooooome!

Passage 44