Belgian Film Day 2014

  • Friday 11th April

Tax Shelter Conference

  • 9am -11:30am – at the Center for Fine Arts, Cine 3

Tax Shelter Seminar

Tax Shelter Seminar

On 14 February 2014 the Council of Ministers approved the changes, proposed by Minister of Finance Koen Geens, to the Tax Shelter Law.

Casa Kafka Pictures, which has often denounced the many abuses in the sector and which has worked together with the producers to reform the system, is very pleased about this ministerial decision.

The introduction of this reform will allow to counter the many abuses that have plagued this fundraising system for years and will also allow for a durable, efficient, solid and reliable system that can guarantee an economically strong and artistically diverse audiovisual sector.

Casa Kafka Pictures and Roland Rosoux will assure the transition from one system to the other and will provide you with ample information about:

  • the way the present Tax Shelter system still functions at the beginning of 2014.
  • the reform and the currently available information about the new Tax Shelter mechanism (of which the date when it comes into force has yet to be determined by the time of writing).

This session, containing a few surprises, will take place in the unique framework of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) and will end with a drink where you’ll have the opportunity to meet various film professionals (producers, directors,…).

More info: 081 320 645


Short Film Competition

  • 11am-3pm – at the Center for Fine Arts, Cine 2

Prizes and Jury

More than ever, the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (the BIFFF) is a staunch supporter of short features.
This year, the different jury’s will attribute the following awards:

  • the Grand Prize of the Festival (the Michel Devillers Award) and the Silver Méliès for Best Short Feature
  • a Sabam Award, a “La Trois” Award, a BeTV Award and a Fedex Award will also be attributed
  • a Youth Jury (composed of the winners of a scriptwriting contest organized by the Extracurricular Federation) will also award a short feature
  • Since last year, a Press Jury (composed of members of the UPCB, the Belgian Film Critics Union) will attribute its own award.

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Short Film Competition

  • Babysitting Story

Babysitting Story

Babysitting Story

a film by Vincent Smitz
Cast: Sophie Breyer, Pauline Brisy, Julie Dacquin, Pierre Nisse & Bernard Eylenbosch
Screenplay: Vincent Smitz
Photo: Bruno Degrave
Edited by Nicolas Bier
Music: Simon Fransquet
Special effects: Pierre Prégardien, Michael “Bubbels” Loncin, Olivier De Laveleye
Version: Fr.O.V.
2014 / 20 min. / DCP
Contact: Artemis Prods, 32/2/216.2324

World Premiere: Sarah and Julie go to the aunt of a friend to baby-sit. There is a storm raging and one of them tells a scary story…

  • Lilith

Lilith, Short Film 2014


a film by Maxim Stollenwerk
Cast: Renée Vervaet, Inge Van Bruystegem, Wim Willaert, Pascal Paul Maetens & Sebastien Dewaele
Screenplay: Maxim Stollenwerk
Photo: Matthias Delvaux
Edited by Thijs Van Nuffel
Special effects: Saskia Verreycken
Version: Nl. & Fr. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 21 min. 44 / Blu-Ray
Contact: Maxim Stollenwerk,

The movie takes us to the nightly backstreets of Brussels, where a young lady wanders in search for hemoglobin to quench her thirst.

  • Titre indéterminé

titre indéterminé, Short Film 2014

Titre indéterminé

a film by Stéphane Papet
Cast: Julie Basecqz, Olivier Prémel & Geoffrey Boissy
Screenplay: Stéphane Papet
Photo: Michaël Pirard
Edited by Bruno Pons
Music: Pascal De Zan
Special effects: Michael Loncin & Dan Bruylandt
Version: Fr. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 19 min. 56 / DCP
Contact: Revolver Prod., +32 2 772 49 98

Three characters in search of a story are faced with a writer without inspiration. They have decided not to be pushed around, but he thinks differently.

  • Prrreüte

Prrreüte, Short Film 2014


a film by Thierry de Coster
Cast: Stéphanie Van Vyve & Steve Driesen
Photo: Colas de Maubeuge
Edited by Fanny Bergmann
Music: Miguel Moreda
Special effects: Adrien Derez & Jean Goovaerts
Version: Imaginary language
2013 / 5 min. 13 / DCP
Contact: Thierry de Coster,

On an unknown planet far away, a courtship between two timeless characters.

  • Out of Frame

Out of Frame, Short Film 2014

Out of Frame

a film by Monique Marnette
Cast: Georges Siatidis & Nicole Colchat
Screenplay: Monique Marnette
Photo: Jan Vancaillie & Vincent Van Gelder
Edited by Virginie Messiaen
Version: Fr. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 9 min. / DCP
Contact: Man’s Films Productions, +32 2 771 71 37

Every morning and every evening, Michel leaves and comes back from work with a suitcase in his hand… One day, he’ll not return.

  • Close-Up

Close-Up, Short Film 2014


a film by Laure Escadafals & Lora D’Addazio
Voices: Jean-Michel Vovk, Martin Spinhayer, Mathieu Moreau & Michel Hinderickx
Screenplay: Laure Escadafals & Lora D’Addazio
Photo: Laure Escadafals & Lora D’Addazio
Edited by Laure Escadafals & Lora D’Addazio
Music: Alice Parizel
Version: Fr. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 5 min. 47 / DCP
Contact: Atelier de Prod. de la Cambre asbl,

Three suspicious men are playing a game of poker in an obscure bar. The presumptuous Larry comes to challenge them…

  • Interférence

Interférence, Short Film 2014


a film by John Danvoye
Cast: Isabel Scott Plummer
Screenplay: Mick Dow
Photo: Federica Arévalo G.
Edited by Jeanne Chevalier
Music: Kevin McLeod
Special effects: Chris Correia
Version: Mute
2013 / 5 min. 30 / Blu-Ray
Contact: London Film Academy, +44 20 73 86 77 11

Erin has lived her entire life alone and cut off from the outside world. Her house is like a fortress where she controls everything. Until one day…


  • Figures

figure, short film 2014


a film by Miklos Keleti
Cast: Alice Haugness, Bénédicte Chabot, Bastien D’Hollander, Thymeo Delhoye, Tristan Oversacq & Frédérik Haugness
Screenplay: Miklos Keleti
Photo: Pierre-Hubert Martin
Edited by Thomas Vanthuyne
Music: Neptunian8
Special effects: Marina Gutierrez & Jérémy Branca (Dreamwall)
Version: Fr. O.V., Fr. & Eng. ST
2013 / 20 min. / DCP
Contact: WFE Prods, +32 2 345 05 07

Hannah is 10 years and a deaf mute, but one day, she hears a sound while walking in the park. From then on, she is convinced that the park wants to communicate something to her!

  • Oculus

oculus, short film 2014


a film by Gianni Carella
Cast: Kristine Perpête, Gemma Braeckman, Leah Thys, Vicky Versavel & Ivan Pecnik
Screenplay: Gianni Carella, Joachim Huveneers & Lukas Buys
Photo: Wesley Versteeg
Edited by Gianni Carella
Music: Stefan Meylaers
Version: Nl. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 13 min. 23 / Blu-Ray
Contact: Gianni Carella,

Mieke is being harassed by an unexplainable phenomenon. She has nightmares and her children behave in a very strange way…

  • La chambre noire

la chambre noire, short film 2014

La Chambre noire

a film by Maxime Pistorio
Cast: Mathieu Alexandre, Lisa Debauche, Patrick Descamps, Isabelle Roelandts & Didier Colfs
Screenplay: Maxime Pistorio
Photo: Philippe Therasse
Edited by Emilie Morier & Maxime Pistorio
Music: Piotr Paluch
Version: Mute, Fr. & Eng. ST
2013 / 13 min. / DCP
Contact: Eklektik Prods sprl,
Maxime Pistorio, Dcp, Mute, Fr. & Eng. ST, 2013

One night in the darkroom, the young assistant of a photographer discovers that the pictures are coming to life!

  • Voisins

voisins, short film 2014


a film by Christophe Mavroudis
Cast: Guillaume Alexandre, Adonis Danieletto, Céline Delval
Screenplay: Christophe Mavroudis
Photo: Shaban Krasniqi
Edited by Idriss Gabel
Special effects: David Hermans & Pierre Prégardien
Version: Fr. O.V., Eng. ST
2014 / 12 min. / Blu-Ray
Contact: Mefamo Prod. Asbl,

An exiting tale, based on a text by Renato Lazzaroni : husband, wife and neighbour… An explosive combination !

  • Intus

intus, short film 2014


a film by Gary Seghers
Cast: Jérémie Renier, Sozyone Gonzalez, Lisa Debauche & Maïlyse Hermans
Screenplay: Gary Seghers & Laurent Vieilletoile
Photo: Philippe Therasse
Edited by Quentin Ransart
Special effects: Quentin Ransart
Version: Fr. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 12 min. 57 / DCP
Contact: Sherpah Vidéo Projects, +32 2 705 63 36

A man wakes up in an enclosed room. His only link with the outside, is a broken phone!

  • Boules of Death

boules of death, short film 2014

Boules of Death

a film by Manuel Janssens
Cast: Lucas Tavernier, Frederik Nys, Helder Onkelinx, Laura Massart & Ester Cattoir
Screenplay: Manuel Janssens
Photo: Griet Goelen
Edited by Oliver Lambrechts
Version: Nl. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 6 min. 24 / Blu-Ray
Contact: Manuel Janssens,

On the beach, Tim and his brother face a demoniac dealer who sells deadly delicacies…

  • Naïve

naive, short film 2014


a film by Marie Enthoven
Cast: Maaike Neuville, Benjamin Ramon, Bénédicte Bantuelle & Marijke Pinoy
Screenplay: Marie Enthoven
Photo: Peter Robberechts
Edited by Frédérique Broos
Music: Deus
Version: Bil. O.V., Bil. & Eng. ST
2013 / 11 min. / DCP
Contact: Taste It, +32 485 818 414
Marie Enthoven, 11’, Dcp, Bil. O.V., Bil. & Eng. ST, 2013

Emma discovers that her life is a lie orchestrated by her mother. It looks as if everyone, her lover, her friends, is being paid just to surround her.


We’ve also significantly extended our short film offer with a section of non-competitive features.

Short Film Out of Competition

  • 3pm-5pm – at the Center for Fine Arts, Cine 2

  • Songs from the outside

songs from the outside, short film 2014

Songs from the outside

a film by Michael Van Ostade
Cast: Wim Willaert, Dolores Bouckaert, Andrew Van Ostade, Brenten Pieper
Screenplay: Michael Van Ostade
Photo: Emanuel Vanderjeugd
Music: School Is Cool (Johannes Genard)
Special effects: Spacecat Three (Wout Somers & Hans Van Boxem)
Version: Nl. & Eng. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 28 min. / Blu-Ray
Contact: Geronimo,

The speakers have exploded! … Ghosts!? … Do you believe that! … An ode to the Sci-Fi of the ’90ties… With blood and a fairytale like atmosphere… And also influenced by the musical version of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds…

  • La coquille

la coquille, short film 2014

La Coquille

a film by Louise-Marie Colon & Siona Vidakovic
Version: Fr. O.V., Eng. ST
2012 / 12 min. 40 / DCP
Contact: Caméra-Etc, +32 4 253 5979

One morning, Sam discovers a small shell on his back that grows day by day and becoming ever more cumbersome, both physically and socially…

  • Egg

egg, short film 2014


a film by Arne Keustermans
Cast: Luna Vanhaecke, Ingrid Vandevelde, Hidde Wouters, Ronny Schuerman & Herman Boets
Screenplay: Yveline Garnier
Photo: Marie Olaerts
Music: Adriaan Baussens
Special effects: Maaike Abram
Version: Nl. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 13 min. / Blu-Ray
Contact: Tail-Out Productions,

Kirsten loves to play in the woods. One day, she discovers a big egg that she takes home and hides in the attic.

  • Stock Exchange

stock exchange, short film 2014

Stock Exchange

a film by Stéphane Everaert
Cast: Michel Nabokoff, Frédéric Mosbeux, Jan Debski, Bruce Ellison & Caroline Donnelly
Screenplay: Stéphane Everaert & Frédéric Mosbeux
Photo: Aldo Piscina
Edited by Stéphane Everaert
Music: Stéphane Everaert
Special effects: Pascal Berger
Version: Fr. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 12 min. / DCP
Contact: Professor Von Shoop, +32 473 539 860

Kris wants his daughter back and pays the ransom. Unfortunately, the after-sales service of this dubious kidnapping company is a disaster.

  • 28 joints later

28 joints later, short film 2014

28 joints later

a film by Emre Olcayto
Cast: Alan Markey, Nathan Bernasconi, Julie Vignau, Virginie Naudillon & Fred Delsemme
Screenplay: Emre Olcayto
Photo: Aideen Mcfadden
Edited by Emre Olcayto
Version: Fr. & Eng. O.V., Eng. & Fr. ST
2013 / 8 min. / Blu-Ray
Contact: Emre Olcayto, +32 485 776 989

2 friends spend an evening smoking 28 joints. The morning after, they wake up in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.

  • Le programme X.65E.S

le programme x65es, short film 2014

Le Programme X.65E.S.

a film by Thierry Uyttenhoven
Cast: Brigitte Louveaux, Bernard Yerlès & Michel Nabokoff
Photo: Romain Ferrand
Music: N’Dembo Ziavoula
Version: Fr. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 10 min. 07 / Blu-Ray
Contact: Noonz asbl,

65 years old Mrs Vanrusselt receives a visit from the transition officer of the government. Together, they complete the form of program X.65E.S. Then she realizes that she’s living the last minutes of her life !

  • Les voiles du partage

les voiles du partage, short film 2014

Les Voiles du partage

a film by Pierre Mousquet & Jérôme Cauwe
Screenplay: Pierre Mousquet & Jérôme Cauwe
Photo: Pierre Mousquet & Jérôme Cauwe
Edited by Pierre Mousquet & Jérôme Cauwe
Music: Samuel Bobin, Alexandre Morier et Patric Quilichini
Version: Fr. O.V., Eng. ST
2013 / 8 min. / DCP
Contact: La Boîte… Prods, +32 475 547 262

I fled the big cities for the wastelands, where chaos rhymes with freedom. I thirst for liberty!


  • 6pm – at the Center for Fine Arts, Cine 2

tombville poster


David was raised by his prostitute mother to hate his own kind. He dreams of a life that doesn’t consist of his mother’s fake orgasms and endless tirades against the male gender. One day he wakes up in the middle of nowhere, with a gaping hole in his memory. A pitch dark night surrounds a few ramshackle houses with everything bathing in a heavy, menacing atmosphere. Nightmarish memory shards flay around in David’s mind. There’s no doubt about it, he’s arrived in Tombvile, the ultimate hamlet of terror where no one returns from. And that is soon confirmed by his painful first meeting with the inhabitants. David will quickly realize that this bunch of perverted sadists is part of a Gordian knot he has to untie at all costs if he wants to save his soul.

After getting noticed in 2006 with his first short feature Angel, Nikolas List successfully transfers to the long feature division. Tombville plays like a feverish dream in which David Lynch’s universe is transplanted to a contemporary Western. This attack on the senses, shot partly in the caves of Tour & Taxis, BIFFF’s old stomping ground, benefits from a few faces not unfamiliar to the festival audience: Pierre Lognay (Vampires, Comme tout le monde) and Eric Godon (In Bruges, The Pack).