Belgian Film Day

Friday 10 April

The Tax Shelter 2.0, a Win-Win investment for investors and for the local economy

Since 1 January 2015, the Tax Shelter reform is now in force. This reform considerably changes this fiscal measure for the investor.
The legislator proposes a fiscal exemption of 310% on the total amount of the transferred sum.
During the BIFFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival) the UCM (Union of Independent Entrepreneurs) will give a detailed explanation of this fiscal measure at a conference with several representatives from the sector: a specialist from the Ministry of Finance, a company specialized in the Tax Shelter, etc…

The following themes will, among others, be discussed:

What are the most important changes to the law?
What are the most important changes to the law?
What is the amount exempted from taxes?
What is the amount of the tax reduction ?
What is the investment profit of the Tax Shelter?
What are the financial risks?
What are the necessary authorizations for the producers/intermediaries?
Can you invest without a Prospectus validated by the FSMA?
Can you invest without a Ruling?
Can you be covered by a bank guarantee or by an assurance?
Who delivers the Tax Shelter certificate? Who controls the conditions?
What is the value of a Tax Shelter certificate?
What are the practical steps of a Tax Shelter investment?

  • Reception 9am
  • Conference 9:30am – Cine 3
  • Drink 11.30am – 12.30am

The first 100 registered fiscal specialists will receive a small surprise linked to Belgian cinema. Registrations:

Short Films

The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival remains a staunch supporter and promotor of short features.

The following prizes will be attributed:

the Grand Prize of the Festival (the Michel Devillers Award and the Silver Méliès of the BIFFF)
a Sabam Award, a BeTV Award, a “La Trois” Award and a Fedex Award
a Youth Jury (composed of the winners of a scriptwriting contest organized by the Confederation Parascolaire) will also award a short feature
a Film Critics Award will be attributed for the third time (sponsored by UniversCiné 500€

The Short Film Competition is organised with the support of the “Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles”.

The jury is composed by Christian Bontinckx (Moderator), Michel Devillers (President), Guy Trifin, Alain Galand, Gilles Reunis, Goekhan Kulak, Nathalie Lebel, François Stassens and Bénédicte Bourgois.

Short Films Competition

  • 11am – Cine 2

Wien for life

24′, Dcp, Ned. O.V., Eng. st, 2014
a film by Alidor Dolfing
Cast: Wim Willaert, Mieke Dobbels, Thomas Ryckewaert & Jan Hammenecker
Screenplay: Alidor Dolfing
Photo: Maximiliaan Dierickx
Music: Emmanuel Marcantuoni
Special effects: Wiessenhaan
Version: Ned. O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 24 min. / Dcp
Contact: Sieber, +32 479 391 807

A “criminal comedy” about two mates whose friendship will be pushed to the limits by a winning lottery ticket.

Le Zombie au Vélo

24′, Dcp, Fre. O.V., 2015
a film by Christophe Bourdon
Cast: Olivier Bonjour, Astrid Whettnall, Carlo Ferrante, Renaud Rutten, Frédéric Bodson, Eric Larcin, Sofia Sykopoulos & Nissim Renard
Screenplay: Christophe Bourdon
Photo: Frédéric Martin
Edited by Bruno Pons
Music: Greg Remy
Special effects: Lionel Lè
Version: Fre. O.V.
2015 / 24 min. / Dcp
Contact: Les Films du Carré, +32 499 617 916

An absolute world première. And no, this is not a parody of the work of the Dardenne brothers. This is a very sensitive and socially engaged film about a zombie struggling to find his place in society and who’s only happy when he can ride on his bike.

La Valse Mécanique

5’47, Dcp, Fre. O.V., Fre., Eng. & Ned. st, 2014
a film by Julien Dykmans
Music: Amaury Bernier
Special effects: Julien Dykmans
Version: Fre. O.V., Fre., Eng. & Ned. st
2014 / 5 min. 47 / Dcp
Contact: Julien Dykmans, +33 6 23 22 48 75

It’s a gloomy morning with rain pouring down. The puppets on strings join the daily grind, trapped in a soulless routine.


17’56, Blu-Ray, Ned. O.V., Eng. st, 2014
a film by Marieke Versonnen
Cast: Kimke Desart, Tine Laureyns, Jenne Decleir, Inge Paulussen, Gert Lahousse & Stef Wauters
Screenplay: Marieke Versonnen
Photo: Liesbet De Loof
Edited by Marieke Versonnen
Music: Adriaan Swerts
Special effects: Siebe Vranx
Version: Ned. O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 17 min. 56 / Blu-Ray
Contact: Marieke Versonnen, +32 494 641 231

A psychological drama with gruesome side-effects! This film tells the story of a girl looking for her place in the world. After the separation of her parents, her relationship with her mother rapidly deteriorates.

Alles voor de Film (Everything for the movies)

19’44, Blu-Ray, Ned. O.V., Eng. st, 2014
a film by Lukas Buys
Cast: Steve Aernouts & Dorien De Clippel
Screenplay: Lukas Buys
Music: And They Spoke in Anthems, Hugo Matthysen & Stan Lee Cole
Version: Ned. O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 19 min. 44 / Blu-Ray
Contact: Lukas Buys, +32 494 326 748

Lize, a young and ambitious actress, is looking forward to her next part. The guy from the production picks her up and drives her to the set. But once they’ve arrived…


Ed & Shoeldaer

20’34, Blu-Ray, Fre. O.V., 2014
a film by Maxime Pasque
Cast: Kevin Dudjasienski, Helena Coppejans, Damien Marchal, Olivier Bonjour & Mounir Ait Hamou
Screenplay: Kevin Dudjasienski & Maxime Pasque
Photo: Romain Ferrand
Edited by Jérôme Guiot
Music: R.I.P. Bonaparte
Version: Fre. O.V.
2014 / 20 min. 34 / Blu-Ray
Contact: Left Field Ventures, +32 2 345 45 05

Kick-ass hairdresser Ed Scissor has seen better days. Together with his girlfriend Lea Shoeldaer and his assistant Alan he waits for clients. Then Romeo Gonzo jr enters with an offer he can’t refuse.

De Vijver (The Pond)

15, Dcp, Ned. O.V., Ned. & Eng. st, 2015
a film by Jeroen Dumoulein
Cast: Kirsten Pieters
Screenplay: Michel Sabbe
Photo: Robrecht Heyvaert
Music: Miguel Moerman
Special effects: Vfx
Version: Ned. O.V., Ned. & Eng. st
2015 / 15 min. / Dcp
Contact: A team prods, +32 497 464 180

A poetic and horrific story! Watch out, little girl, because there’s danger lurking in the garden pond.

I wish my life

15′, Blu-Ray, Ned. O.V., Eng. st, 2014
a film by Joachim Huveneers
Cast: Kim Hertogs, Johny Voners, Erik Goris & Lukas Buys
Screenplay: Joachim Huveneers
Photo: Wesley Versteeg
Edited by Herman Tilma
Music: Brian Clifton
Special effects: Wesley Versteeg
Version: Ned. O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 15 min. / Blu-Ray
Contact: Joachim Huveneers, +32 499 251 934

When Sarah’s alone in her room stuffed with old objects, she always listens to a song that soothes her and makes her dream of another life.

Dernière porte au sud

14′, Dcp, Fre. O.V., Eng. st, 2015
a film by Sacha Feiner
Screenplay: Sacha Feiner
Photo: Sacha Feiner
Edited by Sacha Feiner
Music: Alexandre Poncet
Special effects: Sacha Feiner
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 14 min. / Dcp
Contact: Take Five, +32 2 534 66 36

The world consists of floors, rooms and stairwells for the boy and his second Siamese head, because that’s the only world his mother wants him to know.

Plutôt crever que mourir ici

14’26, Dcp, Fre. O.V., 2014
a film by Jean-Baptiste Delannoy
Cast: Luis Rego, Maryvonne Michel, Maud Bettina Marie, Pierre Lekeux, AntojO, Aurélia Bonta, Denise Schwab, Andrée Cambier
Screenplay: Frédéric Castadot
Photo: Patrice Michaux
Edited by Bruno Pons
Music: Simon Delannoy
Version: Fre. O.V.
2014 / 14 min. 26 / Dcp
Contact: Stromboli Pictures,

Willy, a big fan of action movies, has no intention to die in the retirement home that feels like a prison to him. He wants to die a free man. So he comes up with an escape plan, with a little help from his goldfish, a nurse and a gang of pensioners.


15′, Dcp, Fre. O.V., Eng. st, 2014
a film by Vincent Toujas
Cast: Thomas Barraud
Screenplay: Giles Daoust
Photo: Thomas Pantalacci
Edited by Vincent Toujas
Music: Ernst Meinrath
Special effects: David Scherer
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 15 min. / Dcp
Contact: Title Media, +32 496 548 789

Jay feels numb and emotionless, out of place in society. A strange presence in his flat starts chasing him. It becomes his executioner; opening the way to freedom.


  • 4pm – Cine 2

Short Films Out of competition

Edgar et la douze demoiselle

13′, Dcp, Fre. O.V., Eng. st, 2014
a film by Frédéric Legrand
Cast: Bella Zio, Lola Destercq & Laetitia Trozzi
Off voice: François Pirette
Screenplay: Frédéric Legrand
Photo: Frédéric Legrand
Edited by Frédéric Legrand
Music: Olivier Dogot
Special effects: Frédéric Legrand
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 13 min. / Dcp
Contact: Frédéric Legrand, +32 471 493 593

It’s only normal to be free and to feel loved… except for Edgar and the Sweet Damsel.

L’écran démoniaque

3’33, Dcp, no dialogue, 2014
a film by Patrick & Marilyn Hella
Cast: Jean-Luc Couchard
Screenplay: Patrick & Marilyn Hella
Photo: Michel Baudour & Robin Sabrina
Edited by Gilbert Olivier
Music: Andrew Bolton & Martin Daniel
Version: No dialogue
2014 / 3 min. 33 / Dcp
Contact: Delfilms,

A man walks down the street and discovers he’s a prisoner of the movie screen.

Dernière Formalité (Loose Ends)

14’04, Dcp, Fre. O.V., Eng. st, 2014
a film by Stéphane Everaert
Cast: Bernard Marbaix & Bénédicte Philippon
Screenplay: Thomas Vilquin
Photo: Oliver Imfeld
Edited by Bruno Pons
Music: Stéphane Everaert
Special effects: Dan Bruylandt, Fabien Deplanque & Chadi Abou Sariya
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 14 min. 04 / Dcp
Contact: Revolver Prod.,

An old man stands on the threshold of heaven, but the angel wants to send him to purgatory. He tries to make a deal.

Deep Space

7’06, Blu-Ray, Eng. st, 2014
a film by Bruno Tondeur
Screenplay: Bruno Tondeur
Music: Pierre Slinckx
Version: Eng. st
2014 / 7 min. 06 / Blu-Ray
Contact: Atelier de Production de La Cambre, +32 472 555 257

Brandon’s first intergalactic mission is to find intelligent extraterrestrial life. For months he observes the strange behavior of even stranger creatures on a faraway planet.

Eefje Donkerblauw

10’46, Dcp, Ned. O.V., Eng. st, 2014
a film by Charlotte Dewulf
Cast: Celine Verbeeck & Joren Seldeslachts
Screenplay: Mattijs Deraedt
Photo: Nick Bollaert
Music: Gregory Caron
Special effects: PixMix & Mud
Version: Ned. O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 10 min.46 / Dcp
Contact: Het ReclameBureau,

Everything is fifty shades of blue with Eefje; from the jam to the table, the chairs, the bed, the walls… She would love to interact with the grey people, but they don’t like her. Then she meets the Yellow Prince!

La Chair

14’40, Dcp, Fre. O.V., Eng. st, 2014
a film by William Henne
Cast: Lionel Fernandez, Michel Baladi & Sydney Scotto
Screenplay: Louise Lemoine Torrès
Edited by Marc Boyer
Music: Michel Korb
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 14 min. 40 / Dcp
Contact: Zorobabel, +32 2 538 24 34

Everything in society has been perfected to make the economic wheels turn and the female body has become the ultimate expression of this drive for efficiency.

Belgian Long Feature Film – Etre

  • 7pm – Cine 2