12th Belgian Fantastic Film Day

  • Friday 1st April

Tax Shelter

  • 9am – 11:30am – Cine 3

A successful Tax Shelter reform!

This financial product, open to all Belgian companies or Belgian branches of foreign companies, allows you to invest in Belgian audiovisual productions in return for an important fiscal advantage.
The new law came into force on the 1st of January 2015. The investor signs an agreement regarding the acquisition of a certificate for a certain amount of expenditures in audiovisual productions. He’ll benefit from a fiscal exemption of 310% of the invested amount (to be executed within 3 months after the signing of the agreement).
A fiscal exemption is allowed for a maximum amount of 50% of taxable profit during the determined period with a maximum amount of 750.000 €.
Besides this fiscal advantage, the investor also benefits from a return on the invested amount that corresponds to the Euribor 12 months rate + 4,5% calculated on a maximum duration of 18 months.

Why not take advantage of this?

Registrations: ww.cafesconseils.be

Short Films Competition

  • 1pm – Cine 2

  • 3€

The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival remains a staunch supporter and promotor of short features.
The following prizes will be attributed:

the Grand Prize of the Festival (the Michel Devillers Award and the Silver Méliès of the BIFFF).
a Sabam Award, a BeTV Award, a “La Trois” Award and a Fedex Award.
a Youth Jury (composed of the winners of a scriptwriting contest organized by the Confederation Parascolaire) will also award a short feature.
a Film Critics Award will be attributed for the third time by UPCB/UBFP and UniversCiné.

The Short Film Competition is organised with the support of the “Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles”

L’Oeil Silencieux L'Oeil Silencieux

a film by Karim Ouelhaj
Cast: Wim Willaert, Judith Williquet
Screenplay: Karim Ouelhaj
Editing: Karim Ouelhaj
Music: Nox
D.O.P.: Bruno Degrave
SFX: Mikros Image
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. & Ned. st
2016 / 24 min. 59 / Belgium
Contact: Okayss Production +32.497.148.463

Bernard is an average man who is moving in his new apartment. While settling in, he suddenly discovers there’s a hole in his floor. He very quickly realizes he can spy on his neighbor and all her privacy… World premiere!

XYZXYZ, The City Hunter

a film by M. Tikal
Cast: Xavier Hosten, Eve Hea, Kengo Saito, Egon Di Mateo
Screenplay: M. Tikal
Editing: Stéphanie Merken
Music: Loïc Lefoll
D.O.P.: Leslie Charreau
SFX: Iris Alexandre
Version: Jap. O.V., Fr. st
2015 / 23 min. 47 / Belgium
Contact: INSAS +32.2.511.92.86

Usagi Tanase wants to take revenge on the man who murdered her fiancé; to that end, she gets in touch with Ryo Saeba, aka City Hunter, feared and respected by his pears… but also a relentless Don Juan!


Chaos Chaos

a film by Sébastien Petit
Cast: Steve Driesen
Screenplay: Sébastien Petit
Editing: Valérie Depoorter
Music: Guillaume Corpard
D.O.P.: Delphine Gilson
SFX: Aimad Doughan, Emmanuel Decarpentrie & Guillaume Simonin
Version: Eng. O.V., Fre. st
2015 / 19 min. 30 / Belgium
Contact: Boîte Noire +32.495.851.437

A man is driving on the highway in the middle of the night. The driver listens to the radio to stay awake. Then suddenly the radio stops, his engine stops, his watch stops, the street lights go out…


Ice ScreamIce Scream

a film by Vincent Smitz
Cast: Stéphanie Crayencour, Thomas Coumans
Screenplay: Vincent Smitz
Editing: Nicolas Bier
Music: Simon Fransquet
D.O.P.: Romain Ferrand
SFX: Pierre Prégardien
Version: Fre. O.V.
2016 / 22 min. / Belgium
Contact: Artémis Production +

A young man meets a young woman, he wants to become a director, she wants to be an actress. As they start rehearsing, the director wants to push his actress to the point of no return, where reality is close to fiction… World premiere!

Voltaire Voltaire

a film by Jan Snoekx
Cast: No cast
Screenplay: Jan Snoekx
Music: Miguel Boelens
Version: No dialogue
2015 / 12 min. / Belgium/Netherlands
Contact: Klik! Dist. Service ursula@klikamsterdam.nl

Voltaire is an insignificant rooster trying at all cost to reach the cathedral’s throne, out there beyond the horizon…

Life is strange Life is strange

a film by Alexandre de Papeians
Cast: Kevin Dudjasienski
Screenplay: Alexandre de Papeians
Editing: Mélanie Le Clech
Music: Henry Bliss
D.O.P.: Edouard Valette
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 17 min. 03 / Belgium
Contact: Rubykub Films +32.490.190.182

Olaf, a young artist turned homeless decides to take the fight to his demons and return to the family castle…

Tranche de CampagneTranche de Campagne

a film by Hannah Letaif
Voices: Bénédicte Chabot, Thierry de Coster, Serge Larivière, Igor van Dessel
Screenplay: Arnaud Demuynck
Editing : Hannah Letaif
Music: Hubert Delgrange
D.O.P.: Hannah Letaif
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 6 min. 40 / Belgium/France
Contact: La Boîte,… Productions +32.475.547.262

A family of animals has decided to find the perfect place for a picnic. But next to them stands a beast peacefully eating… Sitting in the middle of one’s dinner is quickly going to turn out to be a bad idea…

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Belgian out of competition


a film by Ken Eeraerts
Cast: Jan Decleir, Darya Gantura, Tristan Versteven
Version: Ned. O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 27 min. / Belgium
Contact: Kenek Entertainment +32.474.609.896

Dr Szvo gives his patients new eyes and can read through the old ones thanks to a machine he designed!

Elle Elle

a film by Vincent Toujas
Cast: Théo Frilet, Annabelle Hettmann
Screenplay: Giles Daoust
Editing: Ugo Savouillan
Music: Ernst Meinrath
D.O.P.: Thomas Pantalacci
SFX: Jacques-Olivier Molon
Version: Fre O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 20 min. / France/Belgium
Contact: Title Media France +

After both witnessing the same car crash, they fall in love with each other! But Jonathan is going to have to face the fact that She, for a long time now, “possesses” Maria…

Motel Motel PosterMotel, Motel

a film by Ellen J. Babeliowsky
Cast: Dieter Troubleyn, Raouf Hadj Mohamed, Jacques Verbist, Eduardo Aladro, Ine Holsteens, Evelien Van Steenbergen
Screenplay: Ellen J. Babeliowsky
Music: Johan Hoogewijs
D.O.P.: Joris Bulstra
SFX: Marijn Raeven & Kris Geens
Version: Ned. & Spa. O.V., Fre., Eng., Ita. & Spa. st
2015 / 20 min. 20 / Belgium
Contact: Ellen J. Babeliowsky +32.472.967.920

Hjalmar, a mysophobic salesman, discovers a cut off ear in his motel room.

Papillon Noir

  • 7pm – Cine 3

  • 3€

Papillon Noir PosterIf there is something to darken the mood after coming back from sunnier climes, it’s that damn Monday. Once again at work, your tanned skin is bleaching away in front of the PC screen, your colleagues running away when you want to show the holiday pics… That’s at least what Julie and Matthew, a couple going through a crisis, expect to get on their plate. But they’re in for a surprise. There’s no sign of life from the family. Weird guys are shouting about the end of the world in the streets, the radio spews news flashes about a virus that makes Ebola look like a common cold and people who don’t seem to be alive (but also not really dead) have taken over the city center. And if that’s not enough, they also run into a raving serial killer who believes that God has chosen him to clean up the human race.

Al a kid Edouard Gauvin must have fallen in a box stuffed with comedies and horror films. That seems to be the only explanation why his feature debut is so rich in dark humor, horror and self-mockery. You could call it social horror with a Belgian twist. And there are some BIFFF-familiars to be seen on the screen, such as Damien Marchal and Michel Angély.