Argentina Focus

Some faraway countries are only known through worn out stereotypes such as beer & fries for Belgium. When we think of Argentina, we see Maradona and Messi tango with a ball, we travel to the end of the world in Patagonia and we shed a tear for Eva Peron. But this impossibly long country, which tickles the South Pole, is a true creative gold mine. And we’re not just talking about Jorge Luis Borges or Astor Piazzolla.

Argentina has one of the most dynamic Latin-American film industries. The country of Ricardo Darin and Gaspar Noé is bursting with talent: Juan José Campanella and his Oscar in 2010 for The Secret In Their Eyes, Marcelo Pineyro’s The Method, Carlos Sorin’s Bombon el Perro… And many others are just waiting to break through on the international stage.

Come to our BIFFF Focus on Argentina and discover the audiovisual heirs of Julio Cortazar, the famous surreal Argentinean author, who was, by the way, born in Brussels!

The Missing Part PosterThe Missing Part

  • Wednesday 8 April 4:30pm – Cine 2


The Innocents PosterThe Innocents

  • Thursday 9 April – 7pm Cine 2


The Returned PosterThe returned

  • Saturday 11 April 7pm – Cine 2


Jorge y Alberto contra los demonios neoliberales PosterJorge y Alberto contra los Demonios Neoliberales

  • Sunday 12 April 3:00am (during the Fantastic Night) Cine 1


El Ardor PosterEl Ardor

  • Tuesday 14 April 6pm – Cine 1


Born To Die PosterBorn to Die

  • Tuesday 15 April 0:30 – Cine 2


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