Cirq Moustique

Two mystical curious insects are on a path to discover their new world. Slowly but surely, they come out in the open. With their long and flexible antennas, they will unravel their friendliness. Like with any insect, they want to know what the humans have to offer to them, but they don’t trust them too much. They don’t bite, but they will tickle you until you laugh.

Cie Les Désaxés

“Archam and his Uruluki”

Archam, rare creature tamer extraordinaire, has crossed all oceans, climbed the highest mountains and explored the deepest chasms with but one goal: finding an Uruluki. Do not miss this unique opportunity, for the very first time on this planet, to see this shy and naughty creature. Do not be afraid; follow Archam and discover who, the master, the creature or the audience, has really been tamed…

Dolle Prêt

This Reptile moves and behaves like an actual lizard. When you’ll watch it walking around, its realism will make you shiver with excitement. Gecko the Reptile is a lizard on a quest for attention and he really enjoys playing with kids. But watch your food and drinks! Always keep your eyes open, because the lizard is extremely fast and always hungry. Of course, as a true lizard, Gecko is also happy to just lie down and relax under the warmth of the sun, peacefully observing the festival audience.


The Gates of Hell are open and the monsters are streaming out! This year, the creatures of Kaernunos are back and they can’t wait to cross your path!

All of them will be there, so things might get ugly. We recommend you follow these safety tips. Don’t look into Medusa’s eyes or you will be petrified like our stone trolls! Don’t forget to grab some sardines for the man-fish. Don’t be shy and compliment the witch on her looks. She’s nicer when you’re nice to her! She might even let you see some of her new tricks. But we shall say no more. Come and see for yourselves!

Khalid & co

High above our heads, he dances and seduces with his colorful and friendly dragon, or is it just a camel?
Its growling noises and unique moves make it beyond realistic and will leave the kids and their parents wanting for more.

Magic Land Théâtre

The Magic Land Theatre is not only pretty daft in a seriously funny sort of way; they’ve also been a part of the BIFFF for decades. The company, founded in 1975, has a very diverse range of activities, from puppet-theatre to TV-shows, but they’ve always remained loyal to their first love: street theatre animation. At the occasion of the BIFFF, they’ll spout their funniest and most absurd jokes, put on their most extravagant costumes and transform into weird and fantastic creatures to create havoc at the festival.


Welcome to the live birth of a monster made out of wind and latex… Wouhahahahahaaaaa !!

Puck Company

A whole year without the BIFFF, that was long… but a whole year without seeing them; that might have been even worse!
You remember them, those silly creatures that kept you from drinking your beer in peace while they were pretending to entertain you? You thought you got rid of them, didn’t you?
Too bad! They’ve remembered the way to Bozar. And, for your very own pleasure, they’ve brought with them a plethora of new creatures…
The Puck Company will once more be present at the BIFFF this year! Still quirky, still crazy, the Puck actors will be delighted to see you again.

Tricotez Vous

A woolly monster turns up at the BIFFF.
The knitters of the “Tricotez Vous” workshop have laid down a challenge for themselves: knitting a monster from scratch. Of course they had to make a brain or intestines, but they wanted to spice things up too. The monster hides parts of cult movies.
Will the BIFFF buffs find them all?


Coming out straight from the fantastic world, the creatures from Trollandia lost their way. They randomly end up in the strange human world; a universe so different than the one they know! Curious and puckish, Trollandians are thrilled to find out more every day about those odd animals, with neither fur nor horns…
Waggish troll, juggling satyr, acrobatic faun and many more will come cheer your evening up with their drolleries of all kinds!

Cie Tultétar

“The Loubok”

The Tultétar company has had a keen interest in the monster universe for more than a decade. There’s been Creature-Man, Igor and the Loch Ness monster. Today they return with the Loubok, a peculiar character with large hands and feet walking around carrying a huge bundle of wood. But what is it doing here? You will find out by running into it during the next Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.