Animations 2022

Come and discover a new animation every festival night, freshly brewed in our fantastic cauldron, together with our other surprises and Happenings!

Animation has been a part of the BIFFF since the very beginning. Whether you are a dyed-in-the-wool BIFFFer, or just happen to like our festival, every festival evening you can enjoy a new animation. We concoct these in our trusty cauldron, which is swirling with characters that all have one thing in common: a taste for the fantastic!

29.08 – OPENING  Pyronix
29.08 – OPENING :  Sylvain Morizet
30.08 – Predator
30.08 – H.S Hypnospeare
31.08 – Puck Company
01.09 – Manufactor
02.09 – Bones Parade
03.09 – Les Zinsectes
04.09 – Manufactor
05.09 – Creepy Clown
06.09 – Kaernunos
07.09 – Kaernunos
08.09 – Vernack
10.09 – CLOSING : Magic Land



Pyronix is a Belgian performance group that puts on shows involving fire, LED lighting, and pyrotechniecs all over Europe and beyond. Rigor, discipline and professionalism are the basic tenets propping up every single one of its creations. Combining corporal techniques (martial arts, dance, acrobatics) with a solid circus training, Pyronix launches its shows with one goal in mind : to have every spectator sense that feeling of “Magic”.

Ragnarok : Built up around Nordic and Scandinavian music, “Ragnarok” allows its audience to live a perilous Viking epic. You will discover instruments that were especially designed to demonstrate a unique flame juggling extravaganza. Our latest flame effects and pyrotechnics will engulf you in a soft and warm atmosphere.

Sylvain Morizet

Born in 1982, Sylvain Morizet starts to study the piano at the Besançon conservatory at the age of 9. He receives prizes in piano, accompaniment, and chamber music. In 2003, he joins the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris (CNSMDP) for classes in Sound Engineering and Composition. As a musical orchestrator, he has been involved with over 100 movies (VALERIAN, THE SHAPE OF WATER,…), half of which were Hollywood productions.
Since 2020, he has taken to the stage again, in a multitude of roles: bringing movie soundtracks, playing solo or as part of a piano duo, and even conducting a small orchestra.


The most illustrious dead ringer for the most famous monster of McTiernan is back!

H.S Hypnospear

Ludovic and Salima offer you through the HS HYPNOSPEARE collective a surprising animation in hypnosis. Let yourself be lulled by the power of your unconscious to live an unforgettable experience.

Puck Company

When you hear the word “mushroom”, you might get an image of those white shrooms you find in every supermarket. They may be sympathetic, but won’t win any beauty prizes… There is, of course, the fly agaric: slightly sinister, but rather colorful (best keep it out of your mouth). And what to think of the chicken of the woods, a delightful representative of the fungi family if there ever was one. You have indubitably gotten the message: the world of mushrooms is a place of wonder. We are going to raise the bar, and let you make the acquaintance of giant versions of these handsome apparitions from below. We don’t know where they came from, but we bet you won’t be using them in an omelet any time soon. Admire them, and feel the joy, exuberance and good cheer they radiate! To be consumed in moderate portions. (Uh-huh… maybe you should not actually take a bite from our mushrooms.)


“Grr”, “Gumpf”, “Pfrt” – they don’t really talk, but communicate through gestures and sounds. Their bodies are covered in pelts and all kinds of vegetation. They live in forests, caves, and on mountains. They hunt to feed themselves, defend themselves to survive, and procreate to continue to exist. With its mix of prehistoric and primitive elements, the Tribu presents us with a mirror that show our animal side.

Bones parade

(a creation of Cie DeFo and Potaufeu Théâtre)
Invitation to the final banquet, with a festive and colorful macabre dance where young and old meet. The fleshless “Bones” creatures stroll through the streets, inviting passers-by to a festive death-themed dance. This parade is inspired by Mexico and its traditions. The “Bones” parade is a show that marks the public as much by the story it tells, as by the atmosphere that is created. Wearing skeleton skulls, the characters – half animal, half man – mingle with spectators thanks to their formidable capacity to adapt to a human environment. They can be mysterious, or playful, and when they disappear, they leave the public with a mixed impression of joyful discovery and a taste for “more”.

Les Zinsectes

Three “Zinsects”, sympatheticly disquieting characters, roam around on the backs of the actors that manipulate them. Strange, curious, and enthousiastic, they explore their urban or rural surroundings, discovering and playing with what they find. Discreet music, coming out of nowhere, envelops their movements so they can surprise their audience around a bend in the road, or somewhere on a street, inviting them to a dance.


To be lost implies that one has made a mistake somewhere, taken the wrong path… But doesn’t getting lost stand for finding freedom as well?

So, take off down that unknown road with a smile on your lips, to explore and discover new horizons.

This, in short, is what our actors set out to do: to bring you someplace else, to let you soar on the wings of your imagination. With us, you will reach unexplored worlds – where dreams and reality mix, where dreams feel like reality, and where life itself becomes theatre!

Dolle Pret - Creepy Clown

Those who dare can sit next to this floating clown. With a bit of luck, he may have a silly joke or a crazy trick up his sleeve, but don’t be fooled by his eternal smile: this clown has lost all sense of humour and might be on the edge of the dark side…


Kaernunos offers you a staging with creatures straight out of our workshops. We are proud to be able to show you our creatures. Our Mechanical Golem will come to meet you, can you help our mechanics put it back in place? A werewolf is also hiding in the public, our most valiant monster hunters have met to flush him out, prepare your silver weapons and your wolfsbane, the night will be long!


“Nature is awakening, and moving – so beware!”

Magic Land

The BIFFF and the Magic Land Théâtre – now there’s two partners who have travelled a long way together. Sometimes, this trip has involved a rubber dinghy and a human sea! To be honest, after working together since the very beginning of the festival, the Magic Land Théâtre has pretty much become part of the BIFFF furniture.
How could one forget all those zany animations that have marked the festival over the course of the years? The Magic Land Théâtre will again be there, this year, to help bring to a joyful end this jubilee edition!

The BIFFF has even more surprises in store for you : our “Happenings”. (Re)discover our bodypainting sessions, or let us show you how to work wonders with a make-up set!