Animations 2014

Cie Les DéSaXéS

  • “Archam and his Uruluki”

Archam, rare creature tamer extraordinaire, has crossed all oceans, climbed the highest mountains and explored the deepest chasms with but one goal: finding an Uruluki. Do not miss this unique opportunity, for the very first time on this planet, to see this shy and naughty creature. Do not be afraid; follow Archam and discover who, the master, the creature or the audience, has really been tamed…

  • “The Brothers Zorbites”

When the Spatians started to conquer other worlds, they introduced an extremely rigorous control procedure on the species that could be introduced on these planets. Thanks to this, the worlds of the Spatians do not contain any life form hostile to humans. That’s because most Spatians think that mankind is an underdeveloped species. (sic)

Enzo Fati

An 18th century nobleman wanders around like a ghost, as if he came straight from the grave. This faceless disembodied creature dares the spectator to pass through the looking glass and take place under his cape where he can witness a finger theatre spectacle.


The npo Kaernunos was created in 2008 after an encounter between several artists and has since then developed into a true reference when it comes to creating imaginary worlds and decoration. Kaernunos, based in Uccle, assembles artisans and artists from different backgrounds around a shared objective: giving life to imagination!

Magic Land Theatre

Ever since the dawn of time, the Magic Land Theatre unleashes its demons at the BIFFF. And they’ll continue this good ole tradition with weird creatures you’d better not cross in the streets…. “a street theatre tradition that goes back almost 40 years…”

logo magic land theatre


The Rudyprod Company specializes in event representations at genre film festivals and movie premières with creature costumes designed by them and by the official special effect companies that created these creatures that have become part of our movie heritage!

Puck Company

The Puck Company is an entertainment association born in August 2013 out of a gathering of artists with diverse skills: dancers, jugglers, comedians, farmers, parsnip trackers, marmots…

After a secret meeting lasting 43 days and as many liters of wine as the human body can handle, the name “Puck” was finally chosen for the company. Puck, the Supreme Fairy, known everywhere from Japan to North America and Russia, is also a mischievous, deceitful, princely, generous, short… well, really a little bit of everything, actually.

So that is what the Puck artists wanted to offer: animations with all kinds of fantastic creatures, but in the broadest sense of the word. There are not just fairy themes, but also steampunk, ghosts, zombies, the horror-circus, freak shows and so much more to delight both young and olds alike (and dogs and turnips)! What’s binding it all together: humor; a quirky spirit, buffoonery, a big smile and, if possible, stars in the eyes of our audience as the greatest reward!


Coming out straight from the fantastic world, the creatures from Trollandia lost their way. They randomly end up in the strange human world; a universe so different than the one they know! Curious and puckish, Trollandians are thrilled to find out more every day about those odd animals, with neither fur nor horns…
Waggish troll, juggling satyr, acrobatic faun and many more will come cheer your evening up with their drolleries of all kinds!

logo trollandia