7th Art Contest

From April 12 to 20 | 5 PM – 10 PM

From April 12 to 20 it’s time to get bold! Is your creative bone tickling? Is your brush dying to get out of the drawer? Is your head overflowing with ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the 7th International Art Contest! All candidates will get only 5 hours – watch and learn, Jack Bauer – to produce a painting of fantastic art. Everything is allowed! A variety of basic paints and standard 80 x 100 cm canvases are provided. These performances are open to the public and the finished artworks will be exhibited throughout the remaining festival days. The BIFFF jury will announce the winners during the closing ceremony on Friday April 21 at 7 PM!

When: every day, from 5 until 10 PM
Want to participate? Fill out our form or send an e-mail to jonathan@bifff.net
Award Ceremony: 21.04.2023, 7 PM

1st prize: Exhibition of 5 artworks during the 42th BIFFF + material offered by ‘Géant des Beaux-Arts’

2nd prize: Exhibition at the Museum for Fantastic Art in Brussels + material offered by ‘Géant des Beaux-Arts’

3rd prize: material offered by ‘Géant des Beaux-Arts’

Organized in collaboration with

Art projects Pieterpauwel (www.artpieterpauwel.be)

Curator: Marleen De Schryver

Sponsors: Le Géant des Beaux-Arts (www.geant-beaux-arts.be)

& Musée d’Art Fantastique & Centre d’Art Fantastique de Bruxelles (https://www.fantastic-museum.be/ )