32nd Vampire Ball

  • Hôtel de la Poste, Tour & Taxis
  • Opening Make Up – 9:30pm
  • Opening Ball – 11pm
  • Best Costume Contest – 2am
  • Only disguised or made-up party animals allowed!
  • Presales 13,5€  Door 15€

You’re bored like a dead rat in a vault? You dream of breaking the monotony of your evenings drinking blood with a straw while watching the gazillionth replay of Underworld? Well, bring your ghoul to the 32nd Vampire Ball! The perfect opportunity to dress up as the one you never dared to be: (blood)sucker, zombie, superhero, cannibal grandmother, flesh-eating taxman or foul smelling mummy; we accept everything and everyone! For the less inspired, don’t panic and take a deep breath. Our makeup artists are there to patch you up!