Solo Bruno

Bruno SoloThe number thirteen is inextricably connected to Bruno Solo who saw Han Solo in Star Wars 4 for the first time at age thirteen and decided to make Solo his stage name. The first time a large audience meets him is in Camera Café with Yvan le Bolloch. Less than 20 years later, he has starred in more than 40 movies, some of which are now classic French comedies such as La Vérité si je mens, Jet Set, 600kg d’or pur, Les Clefs de Bagnole or Brèves de Comptoir. He also produced Kaamelott and Off-Prime. But even with all this work he still retains his punk spirit. If he’s not playing the fool in Fort Boyard, you can find him dancing in the videoclip of the Wampas. This year he will be at the BIFFF to present his latest movie Etre.

Filmo :

  • La Vérité si Je Mens ! (1997)
  • Grève Party (1998)
  • Restons Groupés (1999)
  • Espace Détente (2005)
  • Mon Colonel (2006)
  • Pur Weekend (2007)
  • Bancs Publics (Versailles Rive-Droite) (2009)
  • Hitler à Hollywood (2011)
  • Etre (2014)