2 April

Phone (The) PosterA bus full of guests is coming at the festival today! The director Vincent Garencq (Présumé Coupable) and our Belgian actress Christelle Cornil will stand up for Au Nom de Ma Fille, Alberto Marini will be there to see you breaking down in front of Retribution and Javier Ruiz Caldera is coming back with Spy Time after his Ghost Graduation (Grand Prize and Audience Prize in 2013)! Bong-joo Kim, for his part, will certainly make some noise with his fantastic thriller The Phone ! A way or another to sweat before continuing on the boisterous dancefloor of the legendary Bal des Vampires! For the couch-potatoes, an army of crazy virgins directed by Sion Sono (The Virgin Psychics) will add to the ambiance for the midnight screening!