1st BIFFF Scriptwriting Contest

scenarioThis first scriptwriting contest for fantastic long features was launched in 2015 and has become an undeniable success. More than 30 projects from Belgium, France, Switzerland, Norway and Burkina-Faso were judged by our jury, composed of Nadine Monfils, Philippe Dumont and Laurence Le Bussy!

After deliberation, the jury selected Les Têtes Rouges by David Leclercq. It’s the tale of a jobless man whose smalltime crime ambitions make him end up in a building that can give the Overlook hotel from The Shining a run for its money.

According to Nadine Monfils “this script contains a hefty dose of black humor. It’s sharp, funny, inventive and well-written, revolving around a nicely conceived intrigue and with an unexpected twist. To me, this is perfectly suited for the image of the BIFFF.

For Philippe Dumont, “David Leclercq’s script Les Têtes Rouges plunges us in a weird universe rich with a deranged sense of humor. The tightly written intrigue has many plot twists and mixes gore with surrealism. The well thought-out absurdity of certain situations is laced with tasty and sharp dialogues. Is our world irreparably corrupted to the bone? Apparently so, according to the unexpected twist of this superbly written story.

Les Têtes Rouges will also be translated in English and added to the welcome package of our Coproduction Market Frontières (presented in première at the Berlinale), which will take place from 30 March till 1 April 2016 at the BIFFF.

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