13th Belgian Film Day: Tax Shelter

The Tax Shelter: a successful reform and an extension to the performing arts!

The reform

The Tax Shelter for audiovisual productions was introduced in 2002. If we look back on these 15 years, we see that this support mechanism has transformed the audiovisual landscape and has become an essential investment tool: a significant increase in the number of productions, professionalization of production companies and an unprecedented international development.

Commercial productions as well as art-house cinema could benefit from the Tax Shelter. This gave a wide range of production companies the possibility to grow and to diversify. Since 1 February 2017, the Tax Shelter mechanism has also become accessible to the performing arts.

After they negotiated the reform of the audiovisual Tax Shelter in 2014 alongside the producers’ associations, laying the base for the extension to the performing arts, Casa Kafka Pictures has become one of the market leaders.

Casa Kafka Pictures

Casa Kafka Pictures (CKP), a branch of the French-speaking public broadcaster RTBF and its publicity branch, the RMB, was founded in 2005 with a double purpose: to support the growth and structuring of Belgian audiovisual productions and to offer a safe investment product to Belgian companies interested in the Tax Shelter.

CKP developed a company ethic unique in the sector, expressed in three values: reliability, transparency and integrity. On top of that and more than other market agents, CFK is a bi-cultural mediator supporting French-speaking and Dutch-speaking work and international co-productions. This means that every tax shelter investment through CKP has an added value by participating to the creativity, the diversity and the artistic aura of Belgium.

Belfius Bank, convinced by the results, the ethics and the expertise of CKP, has been working closely together with them since 2009, offering the companies that are client with Belfius Tax Shelter products at the most advantageous financial conditions for all parties.

Conference program

Target audience:

  • Fiscal advisers and accountants, (financial) directors of companies.
  • Producers of stage and audiovisual productions.

Organizers: the UCM and the BIFFF


  • For investors: an assured return of 9,76% is a unique opportunity for fiscal optimization and knows a growing success.
  • For producers of stage and audiovisual productions we’ll elaborate the rules of eligibility, the expense ratio’s and other obligations for producers.
  • Finally it would be interesting for everybody to examine the balance between supply and demand in this growth market.

Guest speakers:

  • Roland Rosoux – Fiscal mediator
  • Baptiste Nicolas – Casa Kafka Pictures
  • Testimony from an audiovisual producer