13th Belgian Film Day : Short Films

Awards / Jury

The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (the BIFFF) remains a staunch supporter and promotor of short features.
The following prizes will be attributed:

  • the Silver Méliès of the shortfilm selection will be given by the audience on Saturday 8 April, 12:30am
  • the Grand Prize of the Festival (the Michel Devillers Award and the Fedex Award)
  • a Sabam Award, a BeTV Award and a La Trois Award.
  • a Youth Jury (composed of the winners of a scriptwriting contest organized by the Confederation Parascolaire) will also award a short feature

The Short Film Competition is organised with the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Belgian Competition

Rabbid Jacob

a film by Donovan Alonso-Garcia
Cast: Camille de Leu, Pierre Nisse, Olivier Bonjour, Dan Sluijzer, Kevin Dudjasienski
Screenplay: Donovan Alonso-Garcia
Editing: Donovan Alonso-Garcia & Thomas Vanthuyne
Music: Jérôme Gaillard
D.O.P.: Romain Ferrand
Version: Fre. O.V.
2017 / 20 min. / Belgium/France
Contact: http://insolenceproductions.com

Two meteorites crash on Brussels. Jacob has just enough time to restore law and order.


a film by Charlotte Dewulf
Cast: Tiemen Van Haver, Celine Verbeeck, Joren Seldeslachts, Carry Geossens
Screenplay: Charlotte Dewulf
Music: Hans Mullens
D.O.P.: Bart Van Otterdijk
Version: Ned. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. / Belgium
Contact: charlotte@a-little-lady.com

In this world you have to drink words if you want to talk. But you have to pay for it.

Stacey en de Alien

a film by Nelson Polfliet
Cast: Renée Vervaet, Ineke Nijssen, Anouk Fortunier
Screenplay: Nelson Polfliet
Editing: Nelson Polfliet & Joppe Van Den Brande
Music: Duchka Walraet
D.O.P.: Victor Maes
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. 04 / Belgium
Contact: nelson.polfliet@kaaitheater.be

Stacey’s mum is dead. In order to cope, she turns her world into an alternate universe where cheerleaders and aliens pop up at every corner.


a film by Boris Sverlow
Cast: Marieke Dilles, Maarten Ketels
Screenplay: Boris Sverlow & Johan Verschueren
Editing: Boris Sverlow
Music: Frederik van de Moortel
D.O.P.: Jonas Wellens & Paul Delissen
SFX: Jonas Wellens, Paul Delissen, Boris Sverlow & Alain Maessen
Version: Eng. O.V.
2016 / 15 min. 17 / Belgium/Netherlands
Contact: bsverlow@gmail.com

The quest for eternal youth creates serious side-effects that achieve exactly the opposite.



a film by Lieven Vanhove
Cast: Sarah Eisa, Geert Vandyck
Screenplay: Lieven Vanhove
Music: Adriaan Swerts
D.O.P.: Marc Van Acker
SFX: Tim Vandekerckhove, Pieter Swusten & Raf Schoenmakers
Version: No dialogue
2016 / 16 min. / Belgium
Contact: leevun@gmail.com

A man searches for the ultimate solution to save his wife from an imminent breakdown.


a film by Lora D’Addazio
Cast: Sarah Lefèvre, Sarah Messens, Eve Lousa Oppo
Screenplay: Lora D’Addazio
Editing: Lora D’Addizio
Music: Nicolas Grombeer
D.O.P.: Lora D’addazio
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 6 min. 37 / Belgium
Contact: info.adifac@gmail.com

Juliette finds herself in a car with two queen bees who pay no attention whatsoever to the road.

This is how I disappear

a film by Domien Huyghe
Cast: Violet Braeckman, Gilda de Bal, Jaela Cole, Sam Bogaerts
Screenplay: Domien Huyghe
Editing: David Verdurme
Music: Bart van Lierde
D.O.P.: Jurgen Willocx
Version: Ned. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 16 min. 53 / Belgium
Contact: submission@cut-up.tv

In the near future all diseases have been eradicated and euthanasia at 65 is obligatory. But when a young woman is diagnosed with a genetic defect, it’s a lot harder to let go of life.

Patient Zéro

a film by Lars Damoiseaux
Cast: Brenda Bertin, Charlotte Anne Bongaerts, Johan Dekeyser, Annick Christiaens, Adil El Arbi, Sieber Marly
Screenplay: Lars Damoiseaux & Eveline Hagenbeek
Music: Hannes De Maeyer
Version: Eng. & Pol. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 3 min. / Belgium
Contact: Vicky@ateamproductions.be

An aesthetic rejuvenation trial goes wrong in a Polish hospital.

Downside Up

a film by Peter Ghesquiere
Cast: Tineke Van Haute, Peter Janssens, Nico Sturm, Helene De Vos, Milo Huyghebaert
Screenplay: Peter Ghesquiere, Nicolas Daenens, Jochen Decostere & Kobe Van Steenberghe
Editing: Jochen Decostere, Toon Mertens & Kobe Van Steenberghe
Music: Hannes De Maeyer
D.O.P.: Robrecht Heyvaert
SFX: Hans Lettany
Version: Ned. O.V., Fre. st
2016 / 15 min. / Belgium
Contact: Vicky@ateamproductions.be

In a world where everybody has Down’s syndrome, a “normal” boy like Eric certainly stands out.


a film by Emma Spook & Gil Gloom
Cast: David Mora, Leslie Mahler, David Zella, Yvan Delatour, Héloïse Lecouvey
Screenplay: Emma Spook & Gil Gloom
Editing: Pauline Vergne & Fred Cavender
Music: Karél Psota & Punish Yourself
D.O.P.: Thomas Pantalacci
SFX: Jean-Christophe Spadaccini
Version: Eng. O.V., Fre. st
2016 / 11 min. / Belgium/France
Contact: spook.gloom@gmail.com

When a demonic entity called Darken meets a family of Trump supporters…

Belgian out of competition

Le Chevalier Blanc (The White Knight)

a film by Bernard Yerlès
Cast: Jean-Michel Vovk, Leatitia Reva, Jean-Louis Leclercq, Gabriel Almaer, Max Brébant, Fabrizio Rongione, Bernard Yerlès
Screenplay: Bernard Yerlès
Editing: Nourredine Zerrad
Music: David Callas
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 22 min. 12 / Belgium
Contact: uyttenhoven.th@gmail.com

A small boy, a provincial railway station and a white knight. Three parallel stories linked with each other.

No offense

a film by Kris Borghs
Voice: Herwig Ilegems
Screenplay: Kris Borghs
Music: Senjan Jansen
Version: No dialogue
2016 / 6 min. 40 / Belgium
Contact: info@soilart.be

Three comic-strip artists are condemned to death. One of them does not accept his fate.

En Face

a film by Jeanne Privat
Cast: Nicole Colchat, Bernard Graczyk
Screenplay: Jeanne Privat
Music: Gwenaël Grisi & Alban Cayrol
D.O.P.: Tom Durand
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. / Belgium
Contact: relations.exterieures@insas.be

Rose spends her days spying on the neighbors. Ange, her husband, watches in silence, until…

Cruelle est la nuit

a film by Alan Deprez
Cast: Kevin Dudjasienski, Arnaud Bronsart, Bertrand Leplae, Pascal Gruselle, Sabrina Sweet, Pierre Nisse, Evangelyn Sougen, Michel Angély, Damien Marchal
Screenplay: Alan Deprez
Editing: Julien Jauniaux
Music: Klem Logan & Chris Marcus
D.O.P.: Nicolaos Zafiriou
SFX: Squid Lab
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 21 min. / Belgium
Contact: levenkron.benoit@gmail.com

Three radical activists want to kill a despicable rich piece of filth and find themselves in the middle of an orgy.

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