10 April

My Big Night PosterAn ideal Sunday to awaken the audience: we’re showing Reis Naar Het Noorden (only in a Dutch spoken version) and Battledream Chronicle: for all the enthusiastic spectators ready to besiege the BIFFF in years to come! We’re ending with a last dilemma: you have to choose between My Big Night, the new delirium of veteran Alex de la Iglesia in Cine 1 and The Invitation in Cine 2. The last one is a thriller like you’ve never seen one before… Then it’s over, but don’t be sad: we won’t cry. We see each other next year. Peace and love everybody!

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1720, la Peste de Marseille.
1820, le Choléra.
1920, la Grippe Espagnole.
2020, le Coronavirus, et annulation de la 38e édition du BIFFF….
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1720, de Builenpest van Marseille.
1820, de Cholera.
1920, de Spaanse Griep.
2020, het Coronavirus, en de annulering van de 38ste editie van het BIFFF….
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1720, the Marseille Bubonic plague.
1820, the Cholera.
1920, the Spanish Flu.
2020, the Coronavirus, and the cancellation of the 38th edition of the BIFFF….
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