Victor Crowley


True horror fans know the name of their favorite fictional serial killers: Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Norman Bates, Damien Thorn, and … Victor Crowley. After the Hatchet trilogy (2006-2014), this crossbreed between Toxic Avenger and Swamp Thing comes back to life to kill once more! Based in spooky Louisiana, this installment goes back to the origin of the Victor Crowley legend. Before becoming a supernatural monster Victor was quietly living with his dad, till a prank-gone-wrong changed his life dramatically. Burned alive in his house while his dad was trying to save him, Victor is now hell-bent on only one thing: getting revenge every time he is resuscitated. You guessed it: you’ll see a lot of gore, a lot of kills and one heck of a killer climbing up the cult ladder to get a seat next to Hellraiser, Jason and other killer buddies.

Started as a small and independent horror movie, Hatchet became a fast-growing cult phenomenon. In 2006, horror fans where eager to have a new serial killer to love/hate and Adam Green, being a horror buff himself, gave them just that. With this fourth installment, he continues to demonstrate his talent as a director. He knows what the audience wants: a monster that doesn’t stop after a few kills or lets his mom do the dirty work. Yes, I’m looking at you, Leatherface!

Genre(s) horror
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Country USA
Audience CNA
Audio English
Subtitles Dutch, French
Director Adam Green
Cast Dave Sheridan, Kane Hodder, Laura Ortiz, Parry Shen
Running time 93'