Cine 1 - 09/04/2018 18:30

Nothing like a board game to make things nice and cozy. But damn you if you dare play it during a solar eclipse! Verónica (Vero for her friends) is having a rough time. Her father is long gone and since her mother works impossible shifts in a bar she has to play mommy to her sisters and bed-wetting little brother. At her strict nun school (it’s the 1980s in a still very religious Spain) she sneaks off with two friends while everybody else is on the roof staring at the sun. Via a Ouija board the girls try and make contact with the deceased and lo and behold, they have a supernatural visitor. But the guest outstays his welcome and during the next few days, he plays a destructive game with his new-found friend Vero…

Paco Plaza needs no introduction because ever since his first effort Second Name (2002) he’s been a BIFFF regular. Verónica, based on a true story, is his follow-up to the legendary REC movies, shot in collaboration with his Catalan blood brother Jaime Balagueró. Once more he serves a masterful cocktail of demonic possession and nail-biting suspense, seasoned with just the right amount of religious hysteria. The impressive young actors are joined by Anna Torrent (Thesis, The Beckoning).

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Genre(s) horror
Premiere Panorama
Country Spain
Audience CNA
Audio Spanish
Subtitles Dutch, English, French
Director Paco Plaza
Cast Ana Torrent, Bruna GonzáLez, Claudia Placer, Consuelo Trujillo, Iván Chavero, Sandra Escacena
Distributor Film Factory Ent. S.L.
Running time 105'


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