Cine 3 - 13/04/2018 18:00

Frank Valken is a gangster who has always followed a strict moral code: no bodies and as less violence as possible. After what is supposed to be his last score, he already sees himself retiring under a palmtree. But what looked like a smooth robbery, turns into a nightmare when a much more violent gang reappears after decades of silence. The corpses are piling up, among whom a magistrate who uinvestigated the notorious affair of the Mad Shooters. Valken and his gang are now suddenly blamed for the bloody murders.

The international media were quick to pick it up. Tueurs was as interesting behind the scenes as in front of the camera. François Troukens, scriptwriter and co-director with Jean-François Hensgens, was himself a notorious gangster in the 90ties. Tueurs is, of course, inspired by the (still unresolved) bloodbaths of the Brabant Killers in the 80ties and by the bombing on the Bologna train station in 1980. This ruthless crime thriller premiered at the Venice Film Festival before filling up seats in Belgian cinemas. And that’s something that can only make us proud.

Genre(s) thriller
Country Belgium
Audience CNA
Audio French
Subtitles Dutch
Director François Troukens, Jean-François Hensgens
Cast Bouli Lanners, Kevin Janssens, Lubna Azabal, Olivier Gourmet
Distributor Libération Films ASBL, O'Brother
Running time 86'


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