Tale of Two Sisters (A)

Cine 3 - 11/04/2018 20:00

After an unspecified traumatic event, two sisters go back home with their father, where they’re not exactly getting a warm reception from their wicked stepmother. Nothing is quite what it seems in this masterful horror thriller which keeps you guessing until the last moment as to how it all fits together. With this story about unconditional sisterly love, director Jee-woon Kim won a string of prizes all over the world, including a Silver Raven for his graceful actress Jung-ah Yum at the 2004 BIFFF. Kim doesn’t need cheap shocks but relies instead on convincing characters, sinister atmospherics, and agonizingly slow camera work. Forget the inferior American remake The Uninvited and just witness how strong a cast-iron concept can be if you meticulously stick to it!

Genre(s) horror
Country South Korea
Audience CNA
Audio Korean
Subtitles English
Director Kim Jee-woon
Cast Im Soo-jung, KIM Kab-su, Moon Geun-young, Yeom Jeong-a
Distributor Finecut Co., Ltd.
Year 2003
Running time 115'


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