Cine 2 - 14/04/2018 19:00

The near future: German society is in the doldrums and Berlin is the scene of street battles. Tan and Javid get into a fight with the manager of a kebab joint and swiftly send him to the netherworld. Also killed are some innocent bystanders, including the parents of Eliana, who retaliates by sending a series of whacky contract killers after them. In fact, Tan and Javid were looking for the leader of a fascist organization who’s responsible for wiping out their entire family. They then find a screenplay in which their every adventure is described in great detail, including their untimely demise. While they go on a desperate search and destroy mission for the script’s author, they meet guardian angel Snowflake. And what the dickens does Hyper Electro Man have to do with all this?

Snowflake’s slogan is “the most beautiful German fairy tale since the Brothers Grimm,” but don’t take that too literally! This mindfuck if ever there was one takes the unsuspecting viewer on a thrill ride, with crazy characters, satiric jibes at German politics, a story that bites its own tail, and dialogues Tarantino would relish. The winner of a Silver Méliès in Lund was shot guerrilla style and the result is a bombshell of a movie.

Genre(s) cult, fantasy, gore
Competition(s) Film Critics Selection, Méliès Competition
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Country Germany
Audience CNA
Audio German
Subtitles Dutch, English, French
Director Adolfo Kolmerer, William James
Cast Adrian Topol, Alexander Schubert, David Masterson, Erkan Acar, Gedeon Burkhard, Reza Brojerdi, Xenia Assenza
Distributor Raven Banner Entertainment
Year 2017
Running time 120'


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