Selfie from Hell

Cine 2 - 09/04/2018 00:30

When German vlogger Julia visits her cousin Hannah in America, strange things start to happen. After falling ill, Hannah has a feeling that her cousin’s internet behavior could be the source of all evil (not in a Christian conservative, ban all porn kind of way, but still evil). She finds a gateway that opens towards the dark web, and from then on there is no turning back. After watching Selfie from Hell, the only thing you’ll be thinking of when making a duck face or a dab is: it’s just a selfie, it’s just a selfie, it’s just a selfie…

Finally, the millennials have their own horror movie. This feature film is actually a follow-up to a two-minute short internet buzz by the same director, made in 2015. It got more than 25 million views and made director Erdal Ceylan a viral sensation. We were pleased to hear it got the feature film it deserved: the jump scares are all over the place and the atmosphere is right on the nose. After watching this movie, you can always go back to a 3310 if you don’t trust your phone anymore.

Genre(s) horror
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Country Canada
Audience CNA
Audio English
Subtitles Dutch, French
Director Erdal Ceylan
Cast Alyson Walker, Meelah Adams, Tony Giroux
Distributor IndustryWorks Studios, Inc.
Year 2017
Running time 75'


Presales ended, tickets available on site