Memento Mori

Cine 3 - 07/04/2018 20:00

A beautiful girl in a coma on a hospital bed. Inside her head, the traumatic events of the day before keep playing on and on. What began as a modern day Cinderella story turns into a Lynchean nightmare.

Genre film lover Michaël Vermaercke (remember his two shorts Void and The Disturber), makes his feature film debut with Memento Mori. A birthday party by the swimming pool is the perfect setting to ventilate the anxieties of puberty through a trashy and often violent fantasy. The title says it all. It’s a Latin quote that roughly means “remember that you’re going to die”.

Genre(s) mystery, surreal
Premiere World Premiere
Country Belgium
Audience CNA
Audio Dutch
Subtitles English
Director Michael Vermaercke
Cast Aäron Roggeman, Bram Verrecas, Charles De Meester, Charlotte De Wulf, Felix Meyer, Karlien Van Cutsem, Tine Roggeman
Distributor Digital File
Year 2017
Running time 72'


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